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Positive thinking works best when you do nothing

Positive thinking is at its most powerful when you can forget all about it. That is why I have always disliked the use of constant affirmations and mood boards and all the other unnecessary stuff we frequently associate with the self-help industry – these kinds of things might sound good but they drive away the very essence of what you want to attract.

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I know from experience that the more you keep focussing on something, the more distant it becomes. This happens with relationships, money, new business or anything else you are hoping to bring into your life. If you keep returning to the same old subject eventually people get a bit fed up – and the Universe is no exception.

Have you also noticed that the more you worry about something the more likely that you will attract it into your life? It is the very thing you never wanted and there it is, big and bold and it is right in your back yard – what happened?

Easy answer - you concentrated so much on the very thing you did not want, that the Universe became confused and decided that must be what you desired all the time. This is why positive thinking fails for so many people when they become so intense and focussed.

Why do you spend so much time constantly chanting in your head about the things that you want? You are simply telling the world that they do not exist in your life right now and you are reinforcing that message in your subconscious, that part of your being that works directly with the Law of Attraction.

The more you keep affirming, the further away that thing becomes. The same applies to mood boards where you write statements and paste images of all the things that you want. Think about it for the moment – simply by doing this you are stating with some conviction that these things do not exist in your life right now – and they probably never will because you keep focussing on them.

So, what should you be doing instead? The answer is simple and can be summed up in four words – “as little as possible.” When you order something online you don’t keep ringing up every two minutes to see if they have received your message -you would quickly be blacklisted if you did – and that is what the Universe will effectively do if you if you keep bombarding it with affirmations and mood boards.

Try instead to be a little more laid back. Firstly, you must decide what you want of course and once it is firmly fixed in your mind – writing it all down frequently helps – you must then use your imagination as if you have already received what you desire.

If it is money you want then imagine you already have it and enjoy spending it. If it is a business venture then imagine it has already succeeded and you are enjoying all of the benefits. If it is a personal relationship then imagine it is already flourishing and you are happy.

When you see yourself as being successful, rich or happy then the rest will follow in time turning your imagination and faith into reality. Your subconscious mind has already accepted that everything you have ever wanted has already arrived and it will ensure that success will surely follow.

Hold on – I hear a question coming. Are you saying that positive thinking is really that simple? The short answer is yes. Various authors have over the years tried to wrap up the whole subject with the need to take part in long exercises, they keep telling you how you must train your mind to be positive – after all they do have books that need selling.

Most people will not do this because it is too much like hard work – and much of it is pointless anyway. Positivity is a way of life and when you constantly visualise success as if it has already happened, you will begin to be positive in other ways.

You will start to take action to bring your dreams into reality, you will start to meet the right people who can help you, it will seem as if your luck has changed and everything you have ever wanted will start to slip into place as if by magic.

That combination of faith that everything you desire will be delivered, positivity that things will always succeed supported by your brilliant imagination will ensure that your sub conscious gets the message – and he or she in turn will talk to the Universe on your behalf – and all you have to do is wait for that ring on the doorbell.