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Positive thinking works – so get excited

Positive thinking should work for everyone if they follow the right rules. You should always include common sense and action and once you have decided exactly what it is that you want - you do your best to forget all about it and let the Universe get on with its work. It’s an incredibly simple formula – and it works.

Regular readers will know that I am totally against mood boards and constant affirmations as these cause you to continually focus on your desires – and when you do this the Universe sees that they are lacking in your life and delivers more of the same – absolutely nothing.

I have always advised that you should concentrate instead on the actions that will deliver your desires, but there is nothing wrong with getting excited at the same time at the prospect of getting wealthier or healthier or getting pumped up at attracting anything else you wish into your life.

Getting excited and optimistic about the things you wish to attract are totally different to focussing on the actual desire and this is where the confusion begins for most people. If you have decided for example that you wish to be wealthy then there is nothing wrong with letting your imagination run riot at the prospect.

You must however be aware of the subtle differences. As already explained if you allow your thoughts to keep focusing on an elusive lottery win, it is not going to happen, but if you imagine instead that you are already rich and enjoying a millionaire life style – then that is totally different and the Universe will respond accordingly.

Imagine that you are purchasing anything you want and enjoying the prospect as if you already had the money. If you are thinking about what you will buy once you get the cash then you are totally defeating the process.

Imagine that you are now enjoying that dream holiday with all the right people in your life. Feel the sun on your back, listen to the different sounds and work out how you’re going to spend the rest of your day, maybe a great evening meal or show – you get the idea. Concentrate on the enjoyment and let the Universe take care of the delivery.

The whole key to successful positive thinking is to FORGET and at the same time have FAITH that the Universe has received your order and is in the process of delivering it. If you have kept your order realistic – hence the common sense – then you are more likely to believe and have that faith that it’s on it way – and that’s when your imagination can really get to work.

In case you have any doubts then be assured there is now a huge and growing body of research and evidence that Positive Thinking when practiced and applied properly in the way that I have already outlined - really does work.

Quantum Physicists have shown that simply by using thought they can deliver expectations and change them again with different thoughts. A massive study in 2016 by Kings College, London, also confirmed the benefits of positive thinking.

There are numerous studies available via Google if you to check out the authenticity and benefits of positive thinking so please research the subject further and prepare to be amazed – one such study by the University of Kentucky even confirmed that you can even live longer when you practice positive thinking.

So, we know it works and delivers results and if you have been following the rules and it has still not been working for you then how are we going to change things in your life. Now is the time when I must refer you to some of my other blogs because Powerful Positive Thinking is about the full package.

If you are a naturally negative person, it’s never going to happen for you – if you don’t like yourself or harbour feelings of inferiority, then it’s not going to happen for you, if you constantly complain and criticise others, then it’s not going to happen for you – you get the idea.

You must first address your own personal issues to change that negative mind-set and then you are ready to work with the Universe and get excited at the prospect of everything it will bring into your life.