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Powerful Positive Thinking Explained

I am Michael Younge and I want to tell you about Powerful Positive Thinking (PPT) and how it can change your life

Everything you need is on this website – and here’s the good bit – it will never cost you a penny, there are no arduous exercises – in fact there are no exercises at all – and, if you really want it to work for you, then you can also forget all about constant affirmations, visualisations and stuff like that.

The individual and more personal information you need is contained within the blogs that follow – this is the first and most important one - and we will be adding new articles all the time so please be a regular visitor. They are intended to inspire and hopefully kick start your life in a new positive direction, but you have to be ready for change and it is your decision whether you wish to embrace a whole new world – if you do the blogs will act as a guide.

Powerful Positive Thinking is easy to grasp. It consists of Positive Thinking plus Common Sense and when you put them together you get the Power. The Common Sense bit urges you to think realistically and plan how you will bring about the changes you desire, but more about that later.

So let’s get started by explaining the rules by beginning with the Positive Thinking part. Most of the experts will tell you to write down or visualise what it is you most desire – we are ALMOST in total agreement with that bit, especially the writing down – although even this is not compulsory.

Let me explain what I mean by ALMOST. If, for example, you are looking to attract millions of pounds in to your life via the Lottery or similar means you can visualise and imagine and write down that desire until the cows come home – it isn’t going to happen – unless of course a miracle happens.

The more you try and visualise that big win the more that nagging little voice in the back of your head will keep telling you that it is impossible. The more you think about it, the more the universe will highlight the complete absence of money in your life – it will have the opposite effect. This rule applies to everything – money, happiness, Health, self-esteem – the things that you desire most.

So lesson one – think about it, order it and then forget it. The universe has got your message and when you’re ready it will deliver. Keep thinking about it and the Universe will see that you are only concentrating on the lack – and that’s what it will deliver. In such cases, positive thinking will have the reverse affect because the universe will assume -that’s what you want – lack.

That’s where the common sense bit comes in. After all, if you book your car in for a service you don‘t repeat the process over and over. Common sense also demands that you make your thoughts realistic. If you’re totally penniless then your sub conscious will never accept the concept of millions – but it will deliver something you can believe in – maybe a few hundred to begin with, enough to pay the bills.

You can concentrate on attracting the bigger stuff later when you mind has got used to the idea that positive thinking can work for you.

So to begin with start with the baby steps, building up your life a little at a time. That way you will see success which will spur you on to greater things.

The last element of PPT is action. You can sit in a chair and let the universe do all the hard work or you can help things along. Get that business idea moving, think about the job change, alter your appearance if it makes you feel better, start that discussion, make that house move – the universe responds to action and creates opportunities that you never knew existed.

So – in short, that’s what PPT is all about – Positive thinking, combined with common sense realism and action. Use them all and you will always have the POWER.

Hope is the catalyst when you decide that from this moment on things are going to get better. Once you choose hope, anything is possible. These are not my words, they belong to Christopher Reeve who was best known for his portrayal of Superman after he was paralysed in a

I always try to be positive. Let’s face it I write about this stuff, but I am going to let you into a little secret – it is impossible to be positive all of the time. There will be numerous occasions when you feel down right miserable, anxious, worried and

For many the future has never seemed more uncertain than it is right now. There are real concerns about every aspect of our lives and as a result there are those who feel totally powerless and unable to go forward in any meaningful way.

You are what you think – that is an indisputable fact in my book - and is the very essence of positive thinking, but like everything else in life you can overdo it. If you are feeling particularly anxious right now, the chances are that you are thinking too much

Have you ever thought what jealousy can do to a person? It is one of the most negative of all emotions. It has the ability to destroy relationships, it creates incredible amounts of unnecessary pain and its corrosive influence can damage lives forever, but positive thinking does offer a solution

Short of money, having trouble meeting the bills or wondering how you will get through to the end of the month? Most of us have been there at some time and you don’t need me to tell you that shortage of cash can be and is a major source of

We are by nature a superstitious bunch. We try to interpret signs and symbols as a way of telling our future, we look for omens to guide us in a particular direction, we worry if they appear unfavourable and then we see the worst case scenario - we become

When was the last time you took a risk? I am not talking here about stupid life threatening risks for adrenaline junkies - that is a subject for a whole different article. This is about taking you outside your comfort zone and having the confidence to make a real difference

When was the last time you had a serious conversation with yourself? I am not talking here about a few random thoughts, but a real heart to heart where you can examine in some detail what exactly is happening in your life and most importantly – what’s going through your

To aid you n your pursuit of bringing more positivity to your world, we have created the Michael Younge Positivity Poster Collection.

This is it – the ultimate Positive Thinking Challenge - three separate Challenges in one – the Positive Thinking equivalent of a marathon and if you are really serious about changing your life, if you are really determined to be a better person – then this is for you. And

Positive thinking works when you combine it with action – when you are prepared to go that little bit further to achieve what you most desire in life. If you are lazy or a procrastinator, if you lack motivation and drive, then it will always be more difficult to attract

Everyone is afraid of something, especially those that profess to be particularly tough and resilient. Ironically it is frequently the strongest that turn out to be most vulnerable in our society because they believe it is a sign of weakness if they let the world know they have genuine fears.

Very few people fully understand the concept of positive thinking and how it works. Those that wish to criticise the potential it offers are only too ready to dismiss it as new age nonsense and false hope. However, it must also be acknowledged that there have been many who

What has Covid-19 or Coronavirus got to do with positive thinking? It is a disease – right – and everyone can catch it – absolutely. We all know what it can do, we all know that no one is immune, so let me ask the question once again –

Positive thinking is at its most powerful when you can forget all about it. That is why I have always disliked the use of constant affirmations and mood boards and all the other unnecessary stuff we frequently associate with the self-help industry – these kinds of things might sound good

Positive Thinking works using the power generated by your subconscious mind and unlike you, it never switches off. It continues to look after your physical body and mind, even when you are asleep, working in the same way as a highly advanced and sophisticated computer – and if you know

You have no idea just how much power you possess. It remains hidden deep inside just waiting for the right time to show itself and it will appear just when you need it most – all you have to do is unlock its potential – and if you are ready,

Positive thinking people always know that things will work out well in the end. They have total faith that the Universe will deliver and no matter how difficult the circumstances, they will never allow themselves to harbour doubts.

If you are someone who truly embraces the concept of positive thinking then why do you place so many limitations on your life and reduce your potential? You really can have it all if you so choose, so why put up with second best – many do, but it does

Sometimes it seems that everything you do or try just conspires to work out wrong. It does not matter how hard you work to correct everything, how positive your actions or even how determined you are to succeed – the Universe has other ideas – or at least it looks

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be naturally successful? Everything they touch seems to turn to gold, everything they do comes easily and whatever they choose to accomplish will always work out well.

Your mind is the most powerful organ in your entire body – be careful how you use it. When it is at its most positive, all things are possible, but when you allow it to wallow in negativity then all you will do is attract misery.

Another new year, another resolution – is this going to be the time when you make those changes? What do you want to achieve – weight loss, happiness, more money – a better job? How many times have you tried before and failed, how many times have you made resolutions

It is the time of the year when the whole world seems to be celebrating – except you. For the reasons that only you know best, you are the Christmas Grinch. You hate the festivities, the lights and the noise so you, my good friend Ebenezer, will be visited by

What do you really expect from life? Please stop and consider this for a moment - it is not a trick question and is something I really want you to think about because when it comes to positive thinking, the answer you give matters and can seriously make the

Deeply religious people understand the meaning of faith. Whatever hardship comes their way they maintain an unwavering belief that the God in their lives will always deliver a positive solution and all will be well once again.

The image most of us give out to the rest of the world bears no comparison to the real person. We always want others to think we are more attractive, smarter, better educated and more successful – you get the idea – the trouble is there are some who take

When you are ill or have been suffering from poor health for a long period, then it is almost impossible to feel positive. Your entire focus is concentrated on one simple fact - you are not feeling too good right now and everything is an effort.

It’s easy to get discouraged. You put all your hopes into a new project or relationship to see it all fall apart before your very eyes. Your head begins to drop; you start to wonder if it was all really worth it and before you know it, all your dreams

Imagine by John Lennon, one of the most iconic songs of the last 50 years, uniquely sums up everything that is different in humans compared to every other type of animal on the planet. It’s the gift of imagination, that special ability to create our own reality that is in

Attention: Anyone Who Feels Like They Should Be Earning More Money And Making More Progress

I want to talk to you about bereavement, the loss of a loved one and the pain we all suffer at such times. You may have been carrying this burden for months or even years and in some cases you will still be feeling anger and bitterness even after all

We all possess the gift of imagination, that ability to let our minds wander into those other worlds where anything is possible. Some may simply dismiss this as day dreams, useless thoughts that prevent real life from happening – but they would be wrong.

Revenge, getting even with someone at all costs, is an emotion we have all experienced. It’s that time when we are feeling so much hurt about the unjust treatment or loss that we have received from an individual or organisation that we just want to inflict as much agony as

“When we are stuck in a rut we are being invited to grow and expand.” ― Dana Arcuri

We have all been there at some time in our lives, that moment when everything seemed to be going wrong and no matter what you did or tried made no difference whatsoever. That’s the moment when most people simply give up and lose hope.

Many believe that we have been put on this earth to do something special with our lives. It’s not uncommon to think this way and it does raise a huge question mark with most of us having this nagging feeling that we might be here for a reason. If you

Every fortune teller, astrologer and medium worthy of the name will tell you that they cannot predict your future with any degree of certainty because you – and only you – are in charge of your ultimate destiny.

Positive thinking people are frequently dismissed as “dreamers” by those who regard themselves as more practical and serious. They find it difficult to understand how a state of mind can dramatically affect lives and attract opportunities and dismiss the whole concept of positivity as a waste of time.

It’s one of those sad but true facts - most people live their lives based on the expectations and opinions of others. Instead of allowing themselves to be individuals with their own ideas and aspirations they let their fears take over, concerned that they will not receive approval from their

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You have the power to do anything and achieve anything you want. The only thing that limits your aspiration is the way that you think – and if you do not want to take my word for it consider for a moment the words of one of the UK’s greatest

Right now there are millions of people across the Globe saying they have no control over their lives. Circumstances are clearly different for each individual or community as are the problems and pressures they each face – but the solution remains the same in every case and I want to

The people at Inktuitive have taken the idea of positive thinking and turned it into an art form.

Most sports coaches and psychologists know that athletes must have a positive mind-set if they wish to succeed. It is almost as important as physical ability and raw talent because if you lack belief then you will never reach full potential. How many times have you seen talented sports men

We all want to be part of a group, to be liked and have that sense of belonging, but in our modern world things have changed. We are not talking here about groups such as criminal gangs who promote negativity at every level, attracting the weak and the vulnerable -

It is one of the most negative emotions and one of the most debilitating. It happens when we look back into the past and wonder what might have been. It’s called regret and it has the power to prevent you from moving on, make new friends and can rob you

Theodore Roosevelt, one of America’s greatest and most respected Presidents was a great believer in positive thinking and the benefits it offers all of us. “Believe you can and you’re halfway there,” was just one of his many famous quotes.

Whether you are starting your powerful positive thinking journey or you have successfully completed a challenge you can claim one of our world famous wristbands.

What have you been doing today? I am not talking here about all the usual things such as work, study, travelling or just enjoying yourself, but what have you really been doing all day? Mmmm! I can see that you are not too sure what I am talking about –

Positive thinking is at its most powerful when you choose to start your own business. Just imagine the scenario – you have spent months if not years planning for this day, you have raised the finance you need, you are totally sure that your product or service is just right

Welcome to the 30 day “Weight Loss” Challenge. If you feel you need to diet then this is for you - it is designed to help you shed those surplus pounds using the power of positive thought to strengthen your resolve and help you through those early days.

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I want to tell you a story about a beautiful young women called Cinderella. Hold on a minute – why are you wasting everyone’s time? We have all heard the story many times and we all know that there is happy ending where she ends up with the handsome prince

Life is not fair – everyone knows that – so why do you keep saying it when things fail to work out for you. Surely you have learned the lessons by now – so why are you bothering if you have already decided that it’s all going to end up

Most people confuse the real benefits of positive thinking. They see it only as a means of attracting material possessions rather than a way of life with all the real emotional and personal benefits that come from a positive mind-set.

Do you know what – there is nothing wrong with being selfish – in fact it can be a very good thing and can and does work in harmony with positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. All of us can be selfish from time to time and it might

“If only I was 20 years younger and knew what I knew today.” How many times have you heard that phrase or variations of it – and how many times have you actually said it yourself - and of course, how many times do you wish it could be

Powerful positive thinking really does work, it changes lives and it attracts prosperity, happiness and much more. For those who are prepared to work faithfully with the law of attraction using common sense and action – the results can be mind blowing

How bad do you feel right now? Have you hit rock bottom, wondering as you look into that abyss if your life will ever be the same again? No doubt about it, you are feeling very low and as that mood of hopelessness and despair totally overwhelms you, the

We all suffer from jealousy to some extent – it’s an integral part of human nature to be envious and desire and want things that others already have. But believe it or not, jealousy and positive thinking can be incredibly compatible because it can help you to focus your mind

Achieving your goals and dreams is actually closer than you think. Sometimes we set goals for ourselves and then get frustrated to find out we aren't actually achieving them. However you will be pleased to know there is something you can do about it.

Positive thinking should work for everyone if they follow the right rules. You should always include common sense and action and once you have decided exactly what it is that you want - you do your best to forget all about it and let the Universe get on with its

It’s a sad fact of modern life but it has to be said – most of us are very quick to judge. Our opinions are often based on the flimsiest of facts but that’s usually good enough for many who seem unusually quick nowadays to feel outrage or offence –

It seems unbelievable, but there are many out there who, to all appearances have it all – and for that very reason are finding it hard to cope. They are carrying this enormous guilt trip on their shoulders and the feeling that they are somehow unworthy.

True love is and always will be the most powerful form of positive thinking. It supersedes everything else because when it is embraced with sincerity and total acceptance, it is real, untainted and pure and represents the greatest of all emotions and commitments that any human being can make.

Who gave you permission to put yourself down when they said you were useless? Who claimed you were a failure? Who mentioned that you were no good? Well, you will be pleased to know that they were lying – you are none of those things – you are unique, successful

We have this nasty self-defeating habit of using negative phrases to describe ourselves and our actions. They come in a vast range of variations ranging from “I am not good enough” to “I am a failure” and they have the same debilitating effect.

Everyone has had feelings of guilt about something in their lives - that tinge of regret or sincere wish that they had acted differently. It frequently applies in bereavement situations where relatives were unable to be with loved ones at the time of death, but it can just as equally

If you have successfully completed the 30 Day Challenge then apply now for your “I have the power” white wristband – but no cheating. Remember, you do not qualify until you have completed 30 consecutive days without a negative thought or action.

Giving up on something is frequently associated with being negative, but that should never be the case. We have all given up on something or someone at some time in our lives but here comes the irony – when you look back there might be sadness and a few regrets,

Fear of success is real and believe it or not there are millions across the world who live with this phobia on a daily basis. It is difficult to define because success can come and is judged in so many different forms, but it is bad enough to cause major

Fear of change affects nearly all of us at some time in our lives but for an unfortunate few it rules everything they do. It acts as a creeping paralysis, preventing them from ever moving on, working as a barrier to every goal and ambition.

Do you remember when you were young, still at school and gallantly trying to work out your place in the scheme of things. Suddenly, there across the proverbial crowded room or more likely the busy playground – something or someone stirred your adolescent heart.

Can you hear it? It is there right now and it’s ready to change your life for ever – it’s called opportunity and it is ready to weave its magic. That knock on the door did not arrive by accident. You created it by the power of positive thinking -

It is worth more than riches or any other material possession, it is something that every human being strives for, but few achieve; it is the ultimate gift for it is the most difficult to obtain – and it’s called peace of mind.

There is something very descriptive about the word procrastination. There are some who even have difficulty trying pronounce it – do it right now and you will see what I mean – which could well sum up why so many people will do or try anything to put off or

Have you ever wondered why positive thinking never works for you? You have read all the right books, visualised until you are blue in the face, set up mood boards and affirmations and all you have achieved is – absolutely nothing – a total waste of time.

As humans, we were never meant to be alone for long periods. We are a tribal species, evolved to live within recognised family units, we crave the company of others and work better as part of a team. However, thousands of years of civilisation has gradually eroded the role of

There is no such thing as coincidence or chance encounters. You have created everything that has come into your life in the past and without realising it, you are currently working on all that will come into your life in the future.

Failure is an incredible word because it can mean so many different things. For some it is the end of their world, for others it represents change and for those who have really embraced the concept of powerful positive thinking - it augurs opportunity and success.

Most people simply fail to understand the true meaning of Karma. They believe it’s a great excuse to explain a person’s evil actions as the reason why they are now being punished. In reality, such explanations could not be further from the truth and should never be seen as part

I do not usually tend to write about me. As an author and positive thinking advocate, YOU are far more important and should always be the subject or focus of any blog or article, but today I am going to make an exception and I hope you will not mind

Much has been written about gratitude. Some writers have produced hundreds of words and whole books devoted to the very human act of saying thank you. It’s because this very simple phrase plays a key role in the delivery of positive thinking and if you are serious about changing your

Have you ever wondered about the power of positive thinking? Have you ever considered how it really works and asked about the benefits? Almost certainly you have tried to embrace it and you probably failed when life took a turn for the worse or when you were forced to

It is very difficult to be positive when bad things happen. Life for all of us is a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, births and deaths, good times and difficult times, success and disappointments – the list is endless.

We have all heard and used the phrase: “If it is meant to be, it will be.” It’s a catch all sentence we say when we are uncertain about an outcome and we use it as a way of reassuring ourselves or those we care about, that everything will be

Have you ever considered how anger can destroy lives? I am not talking here about primeval outbursts or savage attacks, even though such things have the capacity to physically damage, maim, wound or far worse.

Why is common sense so important if you want to practice powerful positive thinking? Of the hundreds of e-mails I receive each week, it is the question I get asked most – and it is the one that is the easiest to answer.

How did you feel when you got up this morning? Did you spring out of bed eager to embrace the day or did the thought of going into work for another seven hours of drudge force you to retreat under the duvet for a few more minutes?

Words have the power to wound more deeply than anyone can imagine. When delivered by an artist with an acid tongue they can penetrate to the very soul of a person within seconds and remain there to fester and grow for an entire lifetime.

The love of your life, the person you always regarded as your perfect soulmate, has just ripped out your heart and asked for a divorce. You have probably suspected that things have been going wrong for some time but you have ignored the signs, the late nights and the whispered

Just imagine how your life would be if you had been taught to be a positive person from the moment you were born. Things would come effortlessly to you, you would attract all the money you needed, and influential people would always be there to support you.

Look at some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and they mostly have two things in common – they are positive thinkers and they all practice some form of mindfulness. Not only is it the secret to success but it also helps to overcome and cope with the many stresses and

We all know how tough it is to lose weight. On day one you are full of resolve to lose those extra pounds but after a week or two you can feel the will power beginning to wane – and bit by bit you have put yourself through several weeks

Super rich people are usually very careful with the way they spend their money. Some would argue it’s because they are mean and miserly, but evidence suggests the complete opposite. Most of the world’s greatest philanthropists are from the super-rich and this has been the case throughout the ages.

The power of love is within us all which makes it the hardest subject to write about because it is so personal and means so many different things. A dictionary definition would be a strong or positive emotion or an emotional attachment but that hardly sums up the different degrees

Apparently, the most miserable 24 hours of the year is the third Monday in January. It was a date dreamt up by a marketing executive wanting to sell summer holidays on the basis that this was the time when finances were under the most pressure following Christmas, by now New

Let’s start to feel sorry for the bullies that make our life a misery. We have all felt their presence and animosity in our childhood and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that you can still be a victim even into old age.

Over the centuries we have learned to interpret small signals such as body language and tone of voice to fully understand what others are trying to say to us. Most verbal communication is based on the emphasis that people put on certain words and this determines and confirms what we

There is really nothing new about Mindfulness. It has been around for thousands of years, practiced and passed down through the generations by Buddhist monks and it works by keeping people in the NOW – focussing on things at this precise moment.

Anything that helps to keep you positive has to be a good thing and there are literally thousands of different products designed to put a smile on your face when things are tough. Here at PPT we have taken a tongue in cheek look at what’s out there but as

If you are suffering from low self-esteem, something that affects all of us at some time in our lives then there are hundreds of self-help books covering the subject. Our team have reviewed what we believe are the best self-help books dealing with low self-esteem to let you decide which

Everyone want to make some extra money, which is why there are thousands if not tens of thousands of self-help books advising you how to make cash. There are even websites which claim to list the top 50, the top 100 or the top everything in self-help books to help

In these more enlightened times it almost seems old fashioned to be looking at self-help books for women. That glass ceiling has long since been broken in most industries and modern women – if they wish – can now have a life style that previous generations could only dream of.

It’s an interesting concept, but who really decides what the best self-help books on the market are when there are literally thousands to choose from. In our experience those publishers with the biggest budgets are the ones that make the most noise – and while such books deliver sound advice

Hey you! Yes it is you that I am talking to – that person sitting down right now trying to summon up the necessary energy to do something - anything. How do I get you to develop self-motivation and to strive for the all the good things in life? You

Are you one of life’s complainers? Do you see fault in almost everything and everyone? If the answer is yes to both those questions then you are not alone. Most of us like to have a good moan with some researchers suggesting that people complain up to 50 or more

Every time I write a blog about forgiveness and letting go of the hurt, it is like unlocking a Pandora’s Box. For some it seems that the hurt and pain they have suffered – possibly over many years – is just too much to bear and the prospect of any

Have you ever wondered if the universe is talking to you? Do you feel you are receiving guidance when you most need it or is life merely putting one obstacle after another in your way? Is your instinct or what some might call your hunches working overtime or is

It is a sad fact, but most people will simply drift through life with no real idea of what they want or what they hope to achieve. It’s almost as if life in general is dictating the pace from the moment they wake up until it’s time to return to

What is it about the Law of Attraction that continues to baffle, amaze and create debate whenever it is featured? There have been literally thousands of books about the subject to the point where it has almost become a religion – no wonder there is so much confusion and controversy.

At some stage in your life you will be offered the opportunity to lead. You will be asked to take charge of a group, chair a committee or manage a department or more. Some will relish the challenge and embrace it, most will feel uncomfortable but will do their best

Have you ever noticed that people who carry grudges or seek revenge are often so bitter or angry that they can never be truly happy? The desire to get back or get even consumes them to the point where it becomes an obsession that can take over – and in

Most people lack confidence to some degree. Take them out of their comfort zones and surprise, surprise – they will feel insecure. To confuse things still further, consider this bizarre and unexpected paradox – when people are at their least confident they tend to make the most noise.

Fear is one of the worst emotions anyone can face. I am not talking about raw fear, that gut wrenching adrenaline fuelled feeling where you have to choose between fight or flight, I am looking instead at that nagging day in, day out voice in the back of your head

Why is it that some people appear to be naturally lucky? Why do they seem to lead charmed lives where everything they touch, magically turns to gold? Such people attract all the right breaks, scores of valuable opportunities and always seem to succeed – sometimes against all the odds.

There is something about the phrase – I can’t afford it – which uniquely sums up the negative feelings and responses that most people have about money. Every time you say and think it, you are sending out a message to the universe that you are short of cash and

You may have reached this part of our website via a link from another blog and will be wanting to know how Powerful Positive Thinking can work for you and your particular challenge or you may have simply arrived on this page via your chosen search engine intrigued and wanting

None of us are the same – there are always going to be people more motivated, more dynamic and more driven, than anyone else you know. It does not mean that you are less committed or care less – and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are lazy.

It is simply not possible to be positive all of the time. Events and life will always dictate how we feel and how we respond to situations – the trick is to train your mind, brain or sub conscious to accept that sometimes bad things happen and the only real

How many times have you asked the question – what should I do with my life? It gets more complicated when you go even deeper into your thoughts and wonder about your life purpose, why you are here and what you are fated to achieve - if anything?

Have you noticed how some people just light up a room as soon as they enter – they simply radiate positive energy and others around them absorb those feelings and respond in an equally positive way. Compare that to a person with a victim mentality who gives out feelings of

We all want to be happy, to have peace of mind and that inner feeling of tranquillity. Sadly, it is an elusive dream for many, weighed down with what seems like insurmountable problems and a general feeling of hopelessness.

We have all been there – those first few years as we leave childhood into adolescence – when everything seems to be a challenge, when the world seems to be against you and when you just hate everyone.

We all want to be happy, to have peace of mind and that inner feeling of tranquillity. Sadly, it is an elusive dream for many, weighed down with what seems like insurmountable problems and a general feeling of hopelessness.

It might seem very hard to believe, but right now, at this precise moment, everything is exactly how it should be. That might be very difficult to accept if you have just suffered a bereavement, or are facing a crisis, or if your whole world has just tumbled around you.

We all know we should probably be a little slimmer or fitter. We all know that we should probably be having a better diet, free of sugar, processed and junk foods, we all know that we should give up smoking – and we all know that we will probably consider

We all want a bit more money, loads of the stuff would be even better, but for the purpose of this very short blog I want you to attract a £10 note into your life. If you don’t think it is worth the bother then you are clearly not that

Sadly, there are many lonely people in the world, anxious to attract the right people into their lives. For many, it never seems to happen, no matter how hard they try to look for that Mr or Mrs Right. The more they attempt to think in a positive way, the

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you focussing in on every little blemish? Do you like the image that is staring back at you? We all look a little rough sometimes but if you hate what you see – all of the time – then

This is the first 30 Day Challenge - unique to Powerful Positive Thinking -and designed to turn you into the dynamic and positive person you have always wanted to be. It is totally FREE and will always be FREE and that includes all of the support messages that every person

I am Michael Younge and I want to tell you about Powerful Positive Thinking (PPT) and how it can change your life

It’s not so easy to be positive when you have just heard that your oldest friend has been diagnosed with lung cancer. We are talking here about a woman who has never smoked a cigarette, eats all the right foods and exercises regularly – so where’s the justice in that?

Do you know what – there is nothing wrong with being rich. Money doesn’t make you a bad person. If you are fundamentally good then your personality is not going to change, whatever the state of your finances.

Fill in your wish and tell the Universe what you need – it’s FREE

We are Powerful Positive Thinking (PPT), a free website full of inspirational blogs and information to help improve your life. This is the site that combines common sense with positive thinking.

We all know that feeling, that terrible moment when you walk alone into a crowded room, desperate to make eye contact with someone familiar.

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