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Powerful Positive Thinking starts here

We are Powerful Positive Thinking (PPT), a free website full of inspirational blogs and information to help improve your life. This is the site that combines common sense with positive thinking.

It recognises that we are all human, trying hard to be optimistic when life fails to measure up.

We invite you to explore the pages on this website. They will change every day as we add new articles, quotes and recommendations. We look at all the latest books and guides designed to assist all of our daily lives and much more.

We also want you to be part of the PPT family by contributing blogs and inspirational stories which we will publish free of charge to share with the rest of the world if they meet our editorial criteria – if you have something to say and it’s positive and inspirational, then this is the place to do it.

  • john pizzey 2nd April 2019

    so glad to find a awesome site that offers so much.

  • Linda Davies 3rd April 2019

    . I have today started the positive thinking challenge but have learned that my beautiful daughter in law has tumours on her brain. It is going to be a difficult time for my family and I wondered if it would be possible for me to purchase 6 more bracelets .We will have to be positive to get her through this

    • john pizzey 16th April 2019

      I hope your daughter makes a full recovery linda.godspeed

  • Jacky Montgomery 21st April 2019

    My thoughts are with you Linda x

    Is there an article about what negative thoughts are? I thought it was obvious but now I am questioning everything!!

    Thank you

  • Dawn cooper 27th July 2019

    I started to train my brain to think differently. I’ve done lots of different things to get a positive mindset. 5 years in to doing mindfulness, meditation etc I’ve now managed to loose 15 & half stone in weight in 21 month. Believe in yourself & anything is possible ❤️