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Welcome to our PowerThon Members Registration page. If you are willing to be a new person, if you are really ready to bring positive change into your life then these closed pages contain everything you will ever need to become Super Positive.

Join and you will have access to many different and very powerful tools. The more you use them, the more positive you will become. Gradually you will eliminate negative thoughts, words and ideas and replace them with a more positive mindset.

Becoming a PowerThon member costs just £4.95 a month to join our gymnasium for the mind, where every single piece of equipment has been specifically designed to improve your mental strength and positivity. Our programmes will STRETCH your imagination; LIFT your spirits; PULL you back from negative thoughts and RUN with the idea that you can change your life simply by training your mind to enable you to become the person you always wanted to be.”

(1) Life Changing Programmes

We have formulated a series of life changing programmes – inter active videos that you can pause or rerun at any time. We shall be adding new programmes from time to time.

Each programme is designed to eliminate areas of negativity from your mind and have been formulated following our work with schools and education centres across the world.

All or one or two of these programmes could be the one that helps you to break through so please check them out and keep signing in to check on new updates.

(2) Unique Video Affirmations

We have produced a whole series of Powerful Positive Thinking video affirmations. Each last around 25 seconds and is intended to give you a boost of positivity just when you need it. Just like our programmes, we shall be adding new ones on a regular basis.

As a Premium Member you can access these at any time and even better – if you have a favourite affirmation then tell us what it is in no more than 55 words and we will turn it into a video, totally free of charge. We will send you your own personal copy and share it with other Premium Members – how good is that.

(3) Positive Thinking Posters

We have hundreds of positive thinking posters, totally unique to this website and available for you to download at any time to use as wall paper or print off and frame.

You can print our poster in any size up to A2 so you might just want to put one on to a memory stick and take it around to your local printers who will ensure you get a quality copy.

We will be adding new posters on a frequent basis so if you cannot find one you like then don’t worry – there will always be something new to look at.

(4) The PPT Online Wishing Well

Tell the Universe exactly what you want, to attract the things you desire in life – money, love, peace of mind, a better job – you decide. This is the very essence of Powerful Positive Thinking, the rules and the actions you need to make the whole process work.

Visit the Wishing Well as often as you like and let the Universe know your desires.

(5) How to attract what you want

The Universe is like a giant computer so if you are asking for help you need to get it right. At PPT we have devised our own form to allow you get your thoughts on paper and go through the necessary steps to ensure that your message gets through.

Download your copy and tell the Universe what you most desire.

(6) E-Cards for the special occasion

We have devised a whole new series of positive thinking e-cards which you can log into and send every time you want a special message sent to someone you care about.

(7) Your free purple wristband

We usually charge £3.50 for one of our coveted purple wristbands but you can claim yours totally free of charge and use it to take part in our series of 30 Day Challenges, Just e-mail your name and address to hello@powerfulpositivethinking.org and we will get one in the post. Don’t forget to say – I am a PowerThon Member, please send me a wristband.

(8) Three life changing challenges

Enjoy three life changing challenges to help you attract wealth and abundance, control your weight and to turn you into a super positive person!

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