Power Pack Digital Version




Download your own Daily Record and Specification Pad

You asked us if you could download copies of “My Powerful Positive Thinking Daily Record” and” My Personal Specification to the Universe” – well you can now for just £1.95.

The Daily Record is a special note pad that will allow you to record your thoughts and actions over a 30 Day period. Once downloaded you can then create your own notebook, again and again to help you remain positive. Every page contains an inspirational quote to keep you in the right frame of mind. It works best when you combine it with our special FREE 30 Day challenge.

Download the Record alongside your own personal Specification Pad, complete with full instructions that will enable you to write out your own unique desires to the Universe. When you use this pad it will help you work with the Universe by combining action and common sense to help you safely deliver your order.

The Specification Pad consists of a cover and additional pages to allow you to place orders as often as you wish. Once downloaded you can then continue to print additional pages every time you want to talk directly to the Universe – so if you are ready to attract better things into your life – then click that button.


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