The Positivity Pack


90 Day Challenge Pack

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Within the pack are some of the most powerful tools ever devised to work with the Law of Attraction? They will help you focus your mind on the changes you need to make and the things you want for a better life. Only you can make those changes and this POWER Pack is the catalyst to help you do just that.

The pack contains:

Your own personal specification pad, complete with full instructions that will enable you to write out your own unique desires to the Universe. When you use this pad it will help you work with the Universe by combining action and common sense to help you safely deliver your order.
A special note pad that will allow you to record your thoughts and actions over a 30 Day period. Every day there is an inspirational quote to keep you in a positive frame of mind. It works best when you combine it with our special FREE 30 Day challenge.
Our own purple band, a colour which combines the stability of blue and the magnificent energy of red and is associated with wealth, creativity, wisdom mystery and magic – the kind that can change your life. The white wording on the band will slowly fade and disappear as you become more positive, acting as a permanent reminder that you took the Challenge and succeeded.
Our Special white wristband, only available to those that take and complete the Challenge, It is yours from Day One – but no cheating – you must earn it first.
Three ancient Chinese Feng Shui Chinese coins to attract good luck, wealth and prosperity. Place them in your wallet or purse and let the magic begin.
We also include a Powerful Positive Thinking Pen to help you write your order to the Universe and a Powerful Positive Thinking Eco friendly cotton bag together with stickers to remind you to stay positive at all times

The entire pack, costs just £14.95 in the UK and £19.95 to the rest of the world. Claim yours now – wherever you live on this incredible Planet - and make 2020 the year in which you decided to change your life forever.

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