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Want to feel good? Want to look good? Want to wear something that will make you feel special and unique? This is the home of Feel Good Positive Thinking Jewellery and you are in the right place. Each item on this page is designed to help you be more positive, to help you stand out in the crowd. These stunning pieces will win admiring glances and comments for years to come.  

This page features an incredible new range of high quality and ‘not on the high street’ Positive Thinking Jewellery. Each piece incorporates semi precious stones or crystals and has been sourced from a different part of the Globe, exclusively selected to be part of this fabulous Michael Younge Collection. Each item has been hand made by a skilled artisan and selected for its ability to promote positivity, healing and the elimination of negative thoughts and actions.

Because each piece is unique, using natural stones and crystals, it means that no two items can ever be exactly the same. As well as delivering positivity this is jewellery that has been designed to look good and make you feel that little bit special.

This Collection, see below, is exclusive to Powerful Positive Thinking and CANNOT be purchased on Amazon or anywhere else. Each item also has a special meaning to help you become a more positive thinking person so take your time and choose the jewellery that perfectly fits your hopes and aspirations.

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  • The bracelets to help you make changes to your life

    This exquisite combination of four African Turquoise bracelets is all about change, how you will improve your life, how you will...

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  • The bracelets for powerful positive thinking

    These two incredibly attractive bracelets are the jewellery of choice for those who wish to practice powerful positive thinking....

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  • Three-bracelet combination for ultimate abundance

    This fabulous crystal bracelet stack, hand-made in the USA using 8 mm natural and genuine gemstones, combines the power of...

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  • Bracelet for harmony and eliminating negativity

    This stunning set of two bracelets have the power help deliver mental harmony and filter out negativity in your life. Wear every...

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  • The pendant to beat anxiety and negative thoughts

    This simple raw amethyst crystal hanging on an 18-inch long 14k gold filled/sterling silver chain has the focus to act as...

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  • The pendant of good fortune, success and abundance

    This is the pendant to attract good fortune, success and abundance, featuring this beautiful Aventurine crystal, often said to be...

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  • The bracelet for courage, protection and prosperity

    This is the metaphorical eye of the tiger bracelet designed to both look incredible and provide the wearer with courage,...

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  • The bracelet to help you attract personal power

    Dragonstone is said to have the ability to attract personal power, the ability to overcome obstacles and the strength and courage...

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  • The bracelet for love and gratitude

    This is the bracelet of love and gratitude – two of the most powerful emotions abundant in positive thinking people – and is...

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  • The pendant to attract prosperity and abundance

    Black Agate is believed to provide prosperity and courage and is said to provide calmness to the mind of the wearer. All of these...

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  • The bracelet for confidence and self-worth

    This is more than just a beautiful bracelet. Featuring the calming energy of Peach Moonstone, it is said that the wearer will...

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  • The bracelet that helps to manifest your dreams

    This stunning bracelet in a classic wrap design is made using Amazonite crystals, a stone widely regarded as the ultimate choice...

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  • Powerful Positive Thinking Bag

    ​This stylish cotton bag (41cms x 37cms) can be used again and again for every shopping trip with its permanent reminder to...

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  • Positive Thinking Wristbands

    ​Use these Powerful Positive Thinking wristbands to enhance the three FREE Challenges available on this website.The idea is to...

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  • A lifetime of positive thinking opportunity

    A lifetime of positive thinking opportunity is just one click away

    Check out the ultimate positivity pack and join it together...

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