Powerful Positive Thinking

The bracelet for courage, protection and prosperity

This is the metaphorical eye of the tiger bracelet designed to both look incredible and provide the wearer with courage, protection, grounding and integrity. These Tiger Eye Stones and words also have the power to focus the mind and help bring your intentions to life.

Handmade in the USA by a small cottage industry of like-minded women, this Tiger Eye bracelet with its distinctive bands of yellow-golden colour throughout,
is said to release fear and anxiety and aid harmony and balance.

Tiger’s eye can assist in seeing the world in a more positive, optimistic way. It is a stone used to provide insight, bring clarity, and harness luck. It can also be used for protection and warding off evil or bad energy.

The Tiger Eye gemstone has many other qualities such as attracting wealth, love and fidelity, prosperity, success and protection. All this in one stunning looking bracelet, available in its own gift box for just £19 including shipping and packaging.

The bracelet for courage, protection and prosperity


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