Powerful Positive Thinking

The bracelet for love and gratitude

This is the bracelet of love and gratitude – two of the most powerful emotions abundant in positive thinking people – and is handmade in the USA using 8mm natural Angelite, White Jade and Rose Quartz gemstones. The stones are separated by non-tarnish Rhodium plated spacer beads, a sterling silver plated brass tag and a durable elastic cord.

White Jade is a gemstone that has considerable meaning and extensive healing properties. It is said to be a lucky stone for health, love and business and has the power to make you feel calm and peaceful. White Jade can also bring richness, prosperity, and abundance in your life.

Rose quartz is the gemstone of love. It is said that it can heal hearts, enable you to connect deeper with your partner, friends and family as well as aiding in forgiveness. Wearing a piece of jewellery with rose quartz is a gentle reminder that you are being loved, valued and remembered.

Angelite, the third gemstone in this unique bracelet, offers the spiritual energies of power, healing, love, and protection. Wearing this stone is said to have a calming effect, helping you to connect easily to your spirit guides and guardian angels.

All this is encapsulated into one unique bracelet which can be yours for just £29.

The bracelet for love and gratitude


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