Powerful Positive Thinking

The bracelets for powerful positive thinking

These two incredibly attractive bracelets are the jewellery of choice for those who wish to practice powerful positive thinking. They are handmade in America using 8 mm natural gemstones, non-tarnish 22K Gold plated spacer beads, gold plated brass tag and durable elastic cord and feature two of the most powerful gemstones – Lodolite Quartz and White Turquoise – which are reputed to attract positivity.

Lodolite Quartz has a powerful but soothing energy that can instantly put you in a deep meditative state. It is known as a lucky stone, which may help when working alongside the Law of Attraction, particularly when it comes to abundance and wealth. This particular stone is also said to keep you grounded, connected, aware, and stable.

White Turquiose is a stone of purification. It helps clear the mind of negativity, relieves stress, and brings focus back to the centre heart. Our bracelets also feature dark cracks which are considered to strengthen the effects of the stone, making it one of the most powerful in the gemstone family.

Both bracelets, available as part of this elegant and eye catching set, can be yours for just for £49 including postage and packing. The set comes inside its own white gift box.

The bracelets for powerful positive thinking


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