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Real positive thinking starts when you learn how to fail

Positive thinking is at its most powerful when you choose to start your own business. Just imagine the scenario – you have spent months if not years planning for this day, you have raised the finance you need, you are totally sure that your product or service is just right – and now you are ready for the thousands of customers who will be beating a path to your door.

As you have prepared for this moment you are excited and optimistic about your future. You will now be positive about your prospects, you have seen yourself with the millionaire lifestyle and you are convinced that no one else has anything quite like your kind of business offer.

So why then do half of all new businesses fail in the first year and why when you were so positive at the beginning did it all go wrong? In fact, this might not be the first time - you may be a serial failure and if so then you will be in good company with thousands of successful entrepreneur’s across the world. They learned from their experience, moved on and finally made it – but that’s the subject of another blog.

Let’s assume for the moment that failure has almost become a lifestyle choice for you no matter how hard you try. There could well be many reasons for this – the main one being that few people are capable of running businesses, or you just run out of money, had a bit of bad luck – you get the idea.

It doesn’t really matter what happened but what is important is exactly how you feel right now. If you are dusting yourself down and getting ready to do it all over again then that’s fine, but if you are feeling defeated, bitter or wondering if life will ever be the same again then you have a problem and you need to face it.

Now is the time when you need Positive Thinking the most and the first job is to work out why it never worked for you when you first launched that new company. Did you obey the three major rules – positive thinking combined with common sense and action – or did you have this highly optimistic vision of the future and forgot all about the substance.

When you developed your product or service did you do the research? Was it really as good as you first thought or was it too expensive, not very robust? Did you have enough working capital and a good business plan? Most importantly – did you have a clear idea as to who would buy your product?

You might have allowed yourself to be overawed by what you thought you had and when you went to market the flaws were exposed and the product failed to inspire. You might have been too trusting and allowed a bad debt to take you down – it doesn’t really matter because you need to accept what went wrong – that’s the common sense factor locking in.

Now you need to take action because you need to move on, find a new job or get back on the horse and start something new. Let’s assume that you have the product or service just right, let’s assume that you now have a clear idea of who will buy it and let’s assume that you have the right finance and chosen the right partners.

Now you are ready to take action to promote your product with advertising, a conference, social media – doesn’t matter because you are ready and you are making things happen. It’s now and only now that you can introduce Powerful Positive Thinking by creating your vision and pathway towards success.

You have helped the Universe achieve your ambition by taking action with common sense decision and it is ready to deliver – and this time you will be successful. Want to know why – because now you are a real entrepreneur – you tried, you failed, you learned – but most importantly, you stayed positive.