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Self-motivation and achieving every goal you ever wanted

Hey you! Yes it is you that I am talking to – that person sitting down right now trying to summon up the necessary energy to do something - anything. How do I get you to develop self-motivation and to strive for the all the good things in life? You might think that’s impossible but we are going to give it a try anyway.

If I can get your attention for a bit, we are talking here about the possibility of turning you into someone who really wants to achieve their goals, be a better person and who knows, we may even find your true calling and much more.

That’s probably going to take a little work on your part and that means you are going to have to develop a little self-motivation, but stick with it as it will not be as hard as you think – no one expects you to totally change overnight.

The problem is that people who lack motivation and decide they want to do something about it, suddenly get the urge to alter everything in one go – and they fail – then they decide that it can never work for them and quickly revert to the same old habits.

Regular visitors to the PPT website will know that we always ask you to make positive changes to your life in small achievable segments – baby steps which allow you to see success unfolding bit by bit. This confirms that the changes you have made are really beginning to work and you feel confident about introducing more.

So, assuming I have your attention, let’s get everything into perspective. Self-motivation is important as without it you are never going to achieve anything, but first you have to decide what it is you really want – make a list if it helps but be sure about the things you need to change.

Consider all your strengths and the achievements you have already made in your life and ask yourself how you can use them to achieve your goals in the future. You may also want to take a good look at yourself. Examine your own esteem, levels of confidence and all the things you believe are holding you back and vow to make changes.

Low self-esteem is covered in other blogs on this website, but there is nothing like succeeding with one goal to make you feel better about yourself – and this will provide the self-motivation to make you strive for more.

So let’s assume you are ready and if that is the case then choose just one goal. Decide on a strategy that will bring it into your life and then forget about it. You will quickly see that is so much easier to focus on one aspiration at a time and success will come much more quickly with fewer distractions, but you must now focus on the journey rather than the final destination.

Too much focus on your chosen objective will only highlight its lack in your life and you will never achieve it so make sure you are looking ahead one step at a time. Self-motivation will take you there because you have been realistic about the next step and can see that it is achievable.

And that is the whole point of the exercise. By keeping it easy it is not hard to be self-motivated and eventually it becomes a new habit and you start to apply it to other things in your life – take your own self-image as another good example.

Think about the things you would like to change about you and the way you look. You are a unique person so you will always be different from everyone else, but if it makes you feel better – what the heck – make those changes, but do them a little at a time.

Change your hair style, get your teeth fixed, decide to lose weight, change your fashion style or anything else that makes you feel great, but don’t feel you have to do it all at once. Make it a project to change the way you look and then enjoy making those changes – little by little.

Self-motivation is all about doing it at your pace and before you realise it you are well on the way to achieving every goal you ever wanted and the will to keep at it.