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Set your life goals and lose the driftwood mentality

It is a sad fact, but most people will simply drift through life with no real idea of what they want or what they hope to achieve. It’s almost as if life in general is dictating the pace from the moment they wake up until it’s time to return to bed – and in such cases it will be pure chance if things improve.

A serious analogy would be a piece of driftwood at the mercy of the ocean. Fate may throw it up on to a friendly beach where it could be transformed by a passing artisan into a thing of beauty, but it is more likely that it will continue to bob around aimlessly for the rest of its days.

Research shows that people who set goals for themselves and keep to them, will usually succeed in life whatever it is they are looking for - money, fame, peace of mind, happiness, freedom of expression, good health – it’s your life and goals we are talking about here.

Everyone wants all or some of these things and if you really want to attract them into your life then you have to do a little work of your own. You have to be serious about setting goals and transforming the way you live – so if you are ready then let’s get started.

This is a website dedicated to Powerful Positive Thinking (PPT) so let’s get the negatives out of the way first. According to the experts, most of you – some say it is a massive 92% - will give up on reaching any new goals within two weeks. That’s not going to be you, is it?

As regular visitors to the site will also know, a key part of PPT is writing stuff down and once again we are told that only 3% of people will bother - so unless you are prepared to take some time doing this with your goals and objectives then, you are probably going to be one of the 92% - but let’s repeat – that’s not really going to be you, is it?

It’s because you have decided that you will be one of the 8% who will spend time seriously thinking about the goals you want to achieve in life. You will mark them down one by one to enable you to get a clearer picture of what you want -separating money and fame from health and happiness, peace of mind and security – into neat defined pathways.

The real secret to achieving these goals is the second key part of PPT – use a bit of common sense. Visualise the big key objective, your final goal, and then start thinking about a strategy to achieve it. The final piece of the puzzle is action – your strategy for moving forward and giving the universe a helping hand to deliver your dream. Start making it happen now, but one last thought and keeping on the common sense theme – ask yourself again if you really want that goal and will it make you happy.

Assuming that’s the case, start getting there in baby steps. Think of it as a train journey from station to station. Your main objective is to get to the big city but you have not got the fare – but you have enough to get you to the next stop and so on.

Reaching your objective step by step is a real morale booster and very achievable. Each little success will encourage you to take the next step as you see PPT working in your life, delivering the road map and life goals that you have written down.

By the time you have reached your goal. that first written document would have been destroyed by you and long since forgotten in the safe knowledge and faith that the universe has got your message and is set on making things happen.

It would of course be totally unrealistic to expect the pathway to your chosen goals to be totally trouble free. Occasionally you are going to stumble, there will be an obstacle in your way – the traffic jams of life we must all encounter if we simply want to progress - but you will be prepared.

For a start you have got a plan, a real goal in mind, so you must tell yourself that you have just met a minor delay and when it is sorted you will be back on your way again. It is worth remembering that NASA scientists never forgot that the original objective was to land a man on the moon even though they were getting it wrong for most of the time

You must also rid yourselves of negative people who will only ever want to hold you back, discourage you and bring you down to their level. Stop seeing them if you can because they are not good for you or your peace of mind and will only delay or prevent you reaching your goals.

Get your personal life organised so that you know what you will be doing from the moment you get up. Give your life some direction and purpose, stop complaining and procrastinating, surround yourself with positive people and the rest will follow.

Finally do something new in your life. Get a hobby or a fresh exercise regime – a challenge that you have never taken on before. When you do, your goals will come even closer until one day you will look around and wonder what all the fuss was about. (To learn more about PPT follow this link.)