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Start to believe in you

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you focussing in on every little blemish? Do you like the image that is staring back at you? We all look a little rough sometimes but if you hate what you see – all of the time – then something is wrong.

Just for the record, only you can glimpse that image – the rest of the world sees the real you and not a mirror reflection – and most like what they see, even if you wrongly believe you have a face that only a mother could love.

It could be that you have an illness, or have suffered abuse, that makes you feel this way and if that is the case I would urge you to seek skilled professional help. But even against this difficult background there are many inspiring stories where Powerful Positive Thinking has helped to turn victims into heroes.

For those who simply hate themselves because of low self-esteem or feel themselves unworthy, then it is time to change the way you think. It is in your hands and like everything else connected with PPT your first baby steps start here.

You can never think positively about yourself if you simply loathe your own reflection. You can never claim what is rightfully yours until you learn to love YOU – and when that happens – others will as well.

But equally you cannot change things overnight with unrealistic thoughts – you must use common sense and your sub conscious will believe that you are ready for change. So first decide the type of person you want to be, write it down if it helps. Tell the universe that this has now happened – and then forget about it.

If you keep holding that thought then the Universe will focus on the fact that you have yet to achieve your goal and will deliver precisely that – nothing will change in your life.

So back it up with a common sense strategy, supported with action, to achieve you goal. You could start by looking in the mirror at a set time and finding one thing you like about your image. Could be the hair style, make up, that bright look in your eyes. Start looking for the small things.

Then try a little smile – it’s amazing how your face changes when you can give a little grin. You should be feeling a bit foolish at this stage, but so what, it is only between you and your image and you are starting to find things that you like – and the universe is listening and delivering your request – little by little, day by day.

Yes, there will be the odd set back, that nasty remark or perceived slight but keep persevering – you have the power to change the way you think about you. The world loves you for what you are – a unique and special person – start believing in it and you.