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Thank you for joining us

Thank you for joining our 30 day positivity challenge. Please scroll down to find out how to give your challenge the extra edge

positivity challenge

Whilst you can use any type of elastic band for the challenge, a lot of previous challenge members have found our positivity wristbands to be really helpful.

If you want to have one of our free bespoke positivity wristbands then all you need to do is cover the cost of postage and packing. It is only £1.95 and you can claim yours by clicking the button below

  • Ratibor 27th May 2019

    PEACE!!! ))

  • Lisa Martin 1st June 2019

    I can’t afford one. Husband had a heart attack about 2 weeks ago. I am the only one who is working right now. I can use one I have around the house.