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The power of positive thinking and making it work for you

Have you ever wondered about the power of positive thinking? Have you ever considered how it really works and asked about the benefits? Almost certainly you have tried to embrace it and you probably failed when life took a turn for the worse or when you were forced to face a crisis. That does not have to be the case so let’s see how we can get it to work for you.

When used properly, the power of positive thinking is a force for good like no other, almost akin to a religion supported by an unwavering faith that everything will work out no matter what. It is proven to change lives because people always achieve more when they feel good about themselves and their goals.

Many of course, strive to reach such levels of perfection and while there are numerous examples of exceptionally religious people together with a few other individuals who claim to have reached such heights, for most of us the real power of positive thinking continues to remain elusive.

The trouble is that most of us want to be positive but find it difficult to stay the course and when they stumble they convince themselves that they should probably have never bothered in the first place. It is one of the reasons why I developed the 30 Day Challenge to enable people to recognise that life is not always plain sailing – and to remind themselves to stay focussed, they are encouraged to give a simple flick of the wristband.

You can read more about the challenge on other pages on this website, but for the moment I just want to examine the concept of the power of positive thinking and put it into some kind of logical perspective because it is something that continues to remain very misunderstood.

Many who decide to embrace the power begin so enthusiastically that they manifest the exact opposite of what they are trying to achieve. They seem to be on a personal crusade to change their lives and do it with such intensity that it becomes impossible for the universe to ever deliver.

They are like a dog with a bone, forever returning to the object they most desire and by focusing so much thought on the thing or things they want most, they slowly but surely drive it or them even further away.

The power of positive thinking, like everything else in life, works a lot better when you are relaxed. If you are tense when you’re driving the more likely it is that you will make mistakes. If you are out for the evening with the love of your life they will not have a very good time if they can see that you are stressed out and anxious.

So Rule One – Relax! You have already decided what you need to change your life. You have focussed on it, worked out the detail, decided what will happen as things change and now you are ready and expectant.

You now really have to forget all about it. You must have faith that your message has been sent and received. The universe now wants you to have what you most desire – assuming of course that you have used plenty of common sense in your manifestation. You are unlikely to become a brain surgeon next week if you have never been to medical school – you get the idea.

Faith and action is all you need from this point onwards. Stop focussing on the idea but move things along if you can by talking to the right people, making the right moves, taking some sort of action to reinforce your desire – but you must ignore and forget about your order to the universe.

That is the real power of positive thinking – you having faith that what you have asked for is coming your way. You have no idea how that is going happen and it is none of your concern but circumstances will combine to ensure that one day they delivery person will be knocking on your door.

But if you keep focussing on what you need most then it will never happen for you. Positive thinking will be working against you and you will lose faith and you will be one of the millions that will shrug their shoulders and justify your actions by claiming that you thought it was a load of rubbish anyway.

Just remember – that even the most power positive thinking gurus had to start somewhere – and they were just like you.