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90 Days to change your life – Take the FREE Challenge!

This is it – the ultimate Positive Thinking Challenge - three separate Challenges in one – the Positive Thinking equivalent of a marathon and if you are really serious about changing your life, if you are really determined to be a better person – then this is for you. And here comes the best bit – it is totally FREE

Make a difference in the first 30 days

It is the first 30 days that make the real difference and determines whether you’re ready for what follows. Your goal is to go 30 consecutive days without any kind of negativity. During this time you need to be be wearing a wristband as a reminder to stay positive. If you become angry, bitter or negative at any time during that period you must give that wristband a flick – AND YOU MUST START THE CHALLENGE ALL OVER AGAIN. (Please note: The Challenge is FREE and always will be, but you will need a wristband to take part. We hope that you will be willing to make a small donation of £3.50 to claim your purple wristband from us. This, thank you, helps to cover our costs for postage and for the 90 days of e-mails and support that will follow. It also helps to ensure that we can continue posting FREE motivational blogs and videos on this website. Your donation is also covered by the PayPal money back guarantee) However, we understand if you are unable to make a donation and you can still take part in the Challenge using a thick elastic band as a substitute.

You cannot complete the first part of the challenge until you have gone the full 30 days without ever having to give that band a flick. Yes it’s tough – that’s the idea and to help you complete the course, we will send you daily support messages via e-mail.

Complete the 30 days and you will be ready to take part in the second part of the Challenge. This is where we will help you attract wealth and abundance into your life.

I would like to get wristband and donate £3.50
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Take the First Challenge

Are you ready for the second challenge?

You decide when to start the next stage of our FREE Challenge – your path to wealth and abundance. Only you will know if you are ready to begin and once again you must go 30 days without negativity. If you feel you can complete the next steps to prosperity then click the button, sign up to receive your daily messages and start the next stage of the 90 day process.

I would like to get wristband and donate £3.50
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Take the Second Challenge


Are you ready to look and feel good?

On Day 61 we look to change the way you feel about yourself, your body image, potential weight loss. We will remind you that you are a unique and special-person and only when you think that way can you finally change your life for ever. Once again, if you are ready, then return to this website and click the button to start the weight loss and renewed body image process.
Remember this is FREE. At no time will we ever ask you for money to take part in these courses.

I would like to get wristband and donate £3.50
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Take the Third Challenge