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90 Days to change your life – Take the Challenge!

This is it – the ultimate Positive Thinking Challenge - three separate Challenges in one – the Positive Thinking equivalent of a marathon and if you are really serious about changing your life, if you are really determined to be a better person – then this is for you.

Make a difference in the first 30 days

It is the first 30 days that make the real difference and determines whether you’re ready for what follows. Your goal is to go 30 consecutive days without any kind of negativity. During that time you will be wearing one of our distinctive purple wristbands as a reminder to stay positive. If you become angry, bitter or negative at any time during that period you must give your wristband a flick – AND YOU MUST START THE CHALLENGE ALL OVER AGAIN.


We chose a purple wristband, a colour which combines the stability of blue and the magnificent energy of red and is associated with wealth, creativity, wisdom mystery and magic – the kind that can change your life for ever.

To help, we will send you a daily support message via e-mail. We will also provide you with other tools to keep you positive. These include a daily diary with positive quotations and a unique pad to allow you to write down and order what you want from the Universe. When you have completed the first 30 days you will be entitled to wear our coveted white wristband to show you have succeeded and you will then be ready to take part in the second part of the Challenge, to help you attract wealth and abundance into your life.

Are you ready for the second challenge?

You decide when to start the next stage of the Challenge – your path to wealth and abundance. Only you will know if you are ready to begin and once again you must go 30 days without negativity. If you feel you can complete the next steps to prosperity then click the button, sign up to receive your daily messages and start the next stage of the 90 day process.

Are you ready to look and feel good?

On Day 61 we look to change the way you feel about yourself, your body image, potential weight loss. We will remind you that you are a unique and special-person and only when you think that way can you finally change your life for ever. Once again, if you are ready, then return to this website and click the button to start the weight loss and renewed body image process.

Giving you the tools to do the job

The full 90 day series of Challenges are available for a low one off cost of £19.95 if you live in the UK and £24.95 for the rest of the world and include a whole range powerful positive thinking tools to help you transform your life.


Sign up and you will receive :


  • Daily support messages across the entire 90 day period which you can save to remind you to always stay positive.
  • Purple and white wristbands to use when negative thoughts intrude.
  • Your own 30 day diary with positive quotations ready for you to record your daily thoughts.
  • A unique order pad so tell the Universe what you desire most together with instructions on the best way to work with the Law of Attraction.
  • Three ancient Feng Shui coins to attract wealth and prosperity – place them in your wallet or purse and let the magic begin.
  • A Positive Thinking Pen to spell out your daily needs.
  • Positive Thinking stickers for you to place around your home to help keep away negative thoughts and actions.
  • A Positive Thinking Eco friendly bag to help you share positivity.


The Challenge begins NOW. You are just one click away from changing your life forever.

Take the Challenge