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The Powerful Positive Thinking Rule Book

For me, positive thinking is a way of life. I know that when you are prepared to embrace all that it can offer, it has the real ability to bring about change for the better. There is nothing complicated about the subject - to succeed all you need to do is adopt some simple life style changes.

Yes, it really is as easy as that, but sadly, positive thinking fails for many because their expectation has been falsely raised with the promise of easy riches and abundance and untold happiness and success – and because of this, most will fail to receive any benefit.

Positive thinking is like everything else in life – there are rules – and when you get them right, everything else you desire will follow. You cannot be a brain surgeon or the pilot of a fighter aircraft overnight – you need proper training – and it is the same with positivity.
So, for my regular readers I have devised the Powerful Positive Thinking Rule Book. It might not be what you want to hear, but if you can embrace these things, all the material possessions you desire will follow and happiness can be yours. These are the basics and when you can get them just right – the magic really begins.

Before you start

These are the things that you should set as goals. They are based on common sense and action, two of the core principles of Powerful Positive Thinking, but if you need help as to the best way to achieve them then please look at some of the other blogs on this website or e-mail us at hello@powerfulpositivethinking.org for some old-fashioned advice. It’s always good to hear from you.

Rule Number 1 -The things you should eliminate from your life

  • Stop gossiping about others and grumbling about your life.
  • Killing time for the sake of it is wrong.
  • Stop saying that fate is against you.
  • Stop walking around looking miserable looking for obstacles that are not there.
  • If you keep finding fault with others and take offence where none is intended then you can never be positive.
  • Don’t keep losing your temper or keep boasting about what you think you can do, especially when you do not deliver.
  • Stop talking yourself down
  • Don’t say unkind things about others and forget about the past, it has gone forever.
  • Stop being self-pitying and comparing yourself unfavourably with others.
  • Don’t wait for chances to turn up. Take action and grab opportunities.
  • Day dreaming is fine but back it up with action.
  • Stop longing for what others have and make your own future.

Rule Number 2 – Be kind to others

  • Be prepared to do things others like, even if you don’t.
  • Never assume that you are always right and others are wrong.
  • Stop keep talking about yourself.
  • Stop thinking others are trying to put you down.
  • Encourage and support other people’s ideas.
  • Stop being jealous of the success of others.
  • Stop being angry with everyone else when you are in a bad mood.
  • Never talk about others behind their backs.
  • Think what you can do for others and not what they can do for you.
  • Stop contradicting others. Think of their feelings.
  • Always look interested in what others have to say.
  • Keep your mouth shut when you have to.
  • Don’t sneer at the achievements or convictions of others.

Rule Number 3 – Take time to play

  • Learn not to take life too seriously.
  • Understand that you do not always need money to be happy.
  • Be prepared to break daily habits and do something different.
  • Teach yourself how to enjoy every day things.
  • Find time to keep in contact with old friends and be prepared to make new ones.
  • Learn how to give to others.
  • Live in the now. You cannot change the past and future is not ours to decide.
  • Be grateful for what you have.
  • Enjoy the company of your family and people you love.
  • Be spontaneous – work will be there when you get back.

Rule Number 4 – If you want success

  • Be more diplomatic and stop worrying.
  • Stop being indecisive and overly sensitive.
  • Learn to say No when you have to.
  • Don’t let your prejudices prevent success.
  • Never be too proud to take advice.
  • Trust your own judgement and intuition.
  • Learn to let go of things holding you back
  • Take care of the detail.
  • Be brave and develop leadership qualities.
  • Ensure that everyone buys into your belief.
  • Be prepared to support your team.
  • Learn from any failures for next time and do not be discouraged.
  • Be focused on achieving goals.
  • Keep an open mind.

Rule Number 5 – Change your habits

  • Stop being lazy, indifferent or delivering second best.
  • Allow you real talents to shine instead of hiding them.
  • Acknowledge your faults and change them.
  • To respect other people’s views and opinions.
  • Be responsible for your own actions.
  • To constantly learn new skills.
  • To be aware of what is worrying or concerning others.
  • Learn to control you temper and not to be a bully.
  • To encourage and support others.
  • To take care of the way you look and act.

Rule Number 6 – Believe in yourself

  • Learn to overcome baseless anxieties and worries.
  • Learn how to be more resourceful.
  • Teach yourself real people handing skills.
  • Resolve to be confident in all that you do.
  • Never be negative about others.
  • Learn to concentrate and focus on things that matter.
  • Do not blame others for your failures.
  • Do not try to be all things to all people.
  • Never give up if you do not succeed straight away.
  • If you have won the argument learn to stop digging.
  • Stop being self-effacing.
  • Be yourself.

Rule Number 7 – Look for the good

  • Vow to be the best that you can.
  • Accept that bad things happen sometimes but they will not affect your life.
  • See obstacles as another step towards success.
  • Always expect great things of yourself.
  • Have faith that you will achieve your goals.
  • Vow never to be discouraged.
  • Live in the expectation of success.
  • See other as allies and not opponents.
  • Vow to turn your dreams into realities.

Rule Number 8 – Eliminate bad financial habits

  • Keep a proper track of where your money goes.
  • There are no “get rich quick” schemes. Live with it.
  • Take care of loose change. Billionaires do.
  • Don’t let others take advantage of your generosity.
  • Do what you can afford – not what others expect.
  • Get everything in writing.
  • Be prepared to take menial jobs. Pride doesn’t pay the bills.
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks with hard earned money.
  • Vow to save each month, even small amounts.
  • If you are in serious debt vow to seek proper help, problems will not disappear.
  • Don’t live beyond your means.

Rule Number 9 – Take care of the things that matter

  • Keep up with what’s happening around you. No one likes a dinosaur.
  • You really cannot beat the system. Be ahead of the game.
  • Take care of the little things, but don’t forget the big picture.
  • Don’t get too big headed. Pride will always come before a fall.
  • Save money, but not on the things that are important.
  • Never run yourself down.
  • Learn to be optimistic about the future.
  • Learn from others.
  • Always ask for honest opinions. Others see things differently and you may appreciate their input.

Rule 10 – Stop keeping up appearances

  • It doesn’t matter what others think so don’t spend money you don’t have to create an illusion.
  • Avoid using credit cards and other finance schemes.
  • Have a game plan.
  • Don’t put your security at risk by trusting others.
  • Do you really need all those “luxuries”?
  • Know how and where your money is going.

Rule 11 – the simplest rule of all

  • Always remember to say thank you for everything.
  • Gratitude is the key that opens every door in the Universe.