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That’s the trouble with the Law of Attraction

We all have problems to face – lack of money, poor health, bad relationships, stroppy children, rotten job – how long do you want this list to be. I receive hundreds of e-mails every year from people with challenges like these and they all they all say the same thing – “I wish life could be easier.”

Well let’s start with the good news – it can be – but you first need to start thinking about your problems in a different way. By focussing on all the things that are bothering you, you simply magnify all of your personal issues and that Great Amazon of the Universe keeps on delivering more of the same.

That’s the trouble with the Law of Attraction. It is very literal and assumes that when you focus on things that worry you, then that is exactly what you want. It is the cosmic equivalent of the “computer says no.”

It goes a long towards explaining why positive thinking fails for so many and why you have to think better if you are going to change your life. Thinking better is not about ignoring your problems in the hope that they will go away – it is about being better in everything you do and looking at alternative ways of thinking.

It is a process you can handle in easy stages. Things will not change overnight but every journey has a beginning and while you are on the way to your final destination then you can set about altering the things that you no longer need.

Look on it as your personal road map or satnav. Every time you encounter a hurdle or a jam then let your satnav work out a new route with a little help from you. If you were on a journey then you would be reaching your destination one stage at a time, stopping perhaps for a coffee break from time to time – there is no rush – it is all about getting there.

So, let’s begin. If you were in a car then you would first programme your final destination. It is easy to do that in a vehicle and it is not so difficult in real life – all you need is to imagine how much better you would be without your current problems.

Visualise a situation where you are no longer bothered about paying the bills, worrying about your health, dealing with stroppy teenagers – this is your list we are talking about here so make sure you have everything worked out - write it down if it helps.

Take a bit of time over this because you have to be sure exactly how you want your life to change. This is what I mean about being better and thinking better. Never forget that the Law of Attraction is very literal.

If you are sure you have got it right then be excited about the prospect of positive change in much the same way as if you were starting a long journey to meet an old friend or relative or starting a holiday. You would be looking forward to that so look forward to your new life because you will be getting nearer to it every day.

As you do, remember to be realistic. Car journeys can he affected in many ways – traffic accidents, punctures, delays – and real life is very much the same. You don’t decide to return home every time you hit a traffic jam or if your child is sick in the back – and the same things apply to your challenges or problems.

You have started your journey and by thinking and being better when you encounter a hold up, then you must plot a slightly alternative route, never forgetting that the final goal is to reach your ultimate destination.

When NASA was trying to land a man on the moon, they got it wrong more than 90% of the time, but they never gave up trying and they never forgot about the ultimate objective – and as we all know – the rest is history

The same applies to you if you encounter problems en-route. Think them through. Decide that you are not going to be beaten. Think what the problem is all about and what you are going to do in a realistic way. Find a solution, an alternative and you will, when you think better.

Reaching your final destination is about never giving up and always being sure of where you want to be. Focus on that and the Law of Attraction, that great Amazon of the Universe, will get the message – and it will start working for you.