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The universe is talking to you – just learn how to listen

Have you ever wondered if the universe is talking to you? Do you feel you are receiving guidance when you most need it or is life merely putting one obstacle after another in your way? Is your instinct or what some might call your hunches working overtime or is everything just one big blank?

We are all looking for guidance or some indication that we are on the right path. If you are religious you will call it faith in God and this is supported by many who also claim that the Bible itself is the original self-help book.

However, faith that good things will always happen in your life, is not just limited to religious belief. It is a key part of Powerful Positive Thinking and it helps if you can understand and hear the subtle and hidden messages the universe is trying to give you.

Whether you like it or not, the universe IS talking to you but how do you interpret and understand what it is trying to say? Sadly, one size does not fit all because we all interpret things in our own way and even worse – we only listen to what we want to hear.

That means that people look for signs such a floating feather, a chance encounter with an animal, an unusual dream or maybe an image on a passing van – as indications that positive things are happening. Nothing wrong with that and the chances are that you have brought these into your life via your thoughts as a way of proving that you are on the right track.

As a way of checking whether you are moving towards your goal then there is also nothing wrong with letting the universe know that you will be boosted and heartened by seeing such things – and when they happen you will recognise them.

However and ironically, it is often when things are at their most difficult when the universe is talking to you the most. If you trying to start a new business venture or buying a property or some other major capital item it is not surprising for people to encounter one problem after another.

The faint hearted will quickly give up and assume the universe is saying that this is not for them. That message could be correct and if so, you have thankfully been saved from an expensive disaster, but you have to be listening for those more subtle signs. If you have really set you heart on a particular goal the universe is probably saying you have been going about it the wrong way – time to change tack, look at another solution or remodel the business plan. Listen to your heart or your gut feelings – they will be working overtime especially during these challenges.

Those who practice Powerful Positive Thinking (PPT) learn from those setbacks and turn them into dynamic solutions. Just because you didn’t get it quite right first time around doesn’t mean you will fail again with a different approach.

The same can be applied to love and relationships. If you are lonely and want someone in your life badly enough it is not difficult to override your instincts. Those inner reservations you are receiving are coming from the universe for a very good reason – take no notice of what you want to hear but give the universe time to sort things out for you – what’s the rush.

As you go about your daily life your inner self is picking up these mixed messages from the universe helping you to make the right decisions and if you really want your life to take off in a new direction you must harness that energy towards your chosen goals.

It will be telling you as you go forward that you are getting closer to what you want to achieve, a bit like an announcement on a train – slowly ticking off the stations until you reach your final destination

You are now receiving the messages, you are learning to listen – and most importantly – you now understand what they are trying to say.