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This is the big FREE Money Challenge

Designed to manifest more money and prosperity into your life.

positivity challenge

Short of money, having trouble meeting the bills or wondering how you will get through to the end of the month? Most of us have been there at some time and you don’t need me to tell you that shortage of cash can be and is a major source of stress.


So I am offering you a choice – to sit back and complain about your lack of money or do something instead to attract prosperity into your life. Only you can make the changes needed and all I can do is provide help, advice and a road map with all the instructions you need.


If you are ready, sign up to my FREE Money Challenge and if you are really determined to make those changes, then we can begin to attract money into your life. The only thing you will need is a wristband and you can have one of ours, also free of charge, but we do ask for £1.95 to cover the cost of postage and packing. If that is your choice, please click on the pay button below before you sign up.

positivity challenge


However, you do not need one of our wristbands to take part; anything will do, even an elastic band, because this course is about you the person and the changes you will make to your mind-set to ensure that you attract money and wealth.


The Challenge will last 30 days and all it requires from you is to think positively about money. When those negative thoughts take over that’s when you need to ping the wristband to bring you back from the dark side. Be assured that at no time will we ever ask YOU for money – this course is and always will be free.


It is a very comprehensive course that over 30 days covers every aspect of the way that we deal with money, our negative perceptions relating to wealth, savings, charity and a whole lot more. It will get you to think like a rich person.


So far, so simple and to help you reach your target, you will receive a daily e-mail with instructions and encouragement, but before you start you really need to understand the ground rules otherwise all your hard work will be for nothing.


These rules are a key part of Powerful Positive Thinking and will be repeated from time to time over the next 30 days, so don’t worry or be concerned if you don’t fully take them in at this stage.


I am talking here about common sense and being realistic and everything you do to attract money must be based around this or you will not get the results you desire. So time for some straight talking:

  • You are unlikely to attract a massive lottery win
  • You will not become a captain of industry overnight
  • The massive mansion might be a step too far when a two bed apartment would be just as welcome.
  • Don’t try and manifest millions at this stage when a few thousand or even a few hundred would make a real difference.


Hopefully you get the idea – even self-made billionaires had to start with very little but gradually built up their resources and you must do the same. Keep it real, keep it going in baby steps and most all stay grounded and use common sense and you will succeed.


So let’s get started………

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