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This is your reward for completing the Challenge

If you have successfully completed the 30 Day Challenge then apply now for your “I have the power” white wristband – but no cheating. Remember, you do not qualify until you have completed 30 consecutive days without a negative thought or action.

motivational power positive thinkingwhitewristband

Every time you think negatively then the 30 days have to start again until you can complete the challenge and then – and only then – can you apply. They look great next to our purple bands and a double reminder that you took the challenge and won – and permanent reminder to keep thinking positively

The white wristband is free but we do ask for a contribution of £1.95 towards postage and packing and if you now qualify and want a record of your success then click the pay button and your band will be on its way.

Yes, I want my Completion wristband (click below to pay for the P&P)

  • Jasmine 27th May 2019

    I was wondering is there was anyway i could somehow possibly get a replacement wristband of the first “purple” one at all? ?! 🙁 i unfortunately guess i lost mine.. At least i think. I was wearing it n had been wearing it everyday since ive received it, n i just as i was reading the email about the white one n the completion of the challenge i realized all a sudden its jus GONE not on my wrist!! 🙁 so im just asking in case i dont find it..
    Thank you!!