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Try positive thinking because life is not fair

Life is not fair – everyone knows that – so why do you keep saying it when things fail to work out for you. Surely you have learned the lessons by now – so why are you bothering if you have already decided that it’s all going to end up in heartache and you are going to be disappointed yet again.

I know that this time you expected everything to be different. The relationship will be a good one, the business will succeed this time, I will get that dream job, house, garden, car – or whatever it is you really wanted to attract, but once again the form book locked in and it all went wrong.

You never really stood a chance did you and unless things begin to change things in your life, it is going to happen again and again because no matter how excited or optimistic you felt at the time and probably the time before that and even before that, there was this little inner voice of doubt telling you the exact opposite – so your dream never really stood a chance.

Deeply engrained negative thoughts possibly implanted in childhood or by those that never really had your best interests at heart are to blame and if only you could learn to eliminate them then you would quickly find that life can be fair – in fact it can be so rewarding that your future can be totally transformed.

Do you want to know how?  Thought so – so let’s start talking about you, life and the future and how powerful positive thinking is going to deliver everything you ever wanted. It starts with a good hard look at the way you view things. Without realising it you have developed a negative attitude and it’s holding you back.

For most people in this position it is the culmination of dozens if not hundreds of small things that have developed around their personalities which have slowly changed the way they think and talk – this is why it is so difficult for many to make the changes needed.

You almost need to take a week off and create a diary of everything that’s happening to you hour by hour, minute by minute – but we all know that you are not going to do that because it sounds like too much hard work – so it’s going to take a little longer.

You would do better to take my 30 Day Challenge instead. You can find out more about this by following this link https://www.powerfulpositivethinking.org/change-your-life-in-30-days-take-the-free-positivity-challenge/ The Challenge simply involves the use of a wristband which you ping every time you think, act or talk negatively. The idea is to go for 30 days consistently without negativity.

Unless you are prepared to do something like this to train yourself to eliminate your negativity bit by bit, day by day, then life is never going to be fair for you. If we were looking at one distinct major problem it would be easier to find a solution but for you we need to start chipping away at all the little things that have added up into the negative person you have become – so get pinging.

Once you have made that decision then you can set about replacing all those negative niggles with positive ones as part of the rebuilding process. Every time you find yourself getting bad tempered stop yourself, take a deep breath and stay calm and think more rationally. Teach yourself to be slow to anger.

You will find that your mind reacts to what you are hearing from individuals or from what you hear on radio or TV. If your response is negative then try to see the positive in what people are saying and if you disagree with them just accept that they have a different point of view to yours.

Start to assume that everything you start will succeed but if at first things are slow to change simply accept that is part of the transition process you are going through. Try to see the good or positive in everything you do.

Try to see joy in even the smallest of things – the achievements of your children, a job well done, a great holiday – whatever it is that makes you happy. Hopefully you get the idea and if you can slowly do this you will reverse years of negativity and slowly turn your life around.

It starts with a ping of a wristband and when you are ready you can start again on that next great project and this time you will succeed because life is now fair and it always will be - every time you choose to begin something new.