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Understanding Powerful Positive Thinking

Very few people fully understand the concept of positive thinking and how it works. Those that wish to criticise the potential it offers are only too ready to dismiss it as new age nonsense and false hope. However, it must also be acknowledged that there have been many who have tried – possibly dozens of times - to be positive and have failed.

Most of these would have been lured and seduced by the promise and potential of easy riches and success and have been disappointed by the lack of results. They have failed to realise that positive thinking has to be a lifestyle choice and until you can get all of the areas in your life working in harmony, you can never achieve the results you desire.

How can someone who is permanently bad tempered or aggressive ever be positive? How can someone who constantly criticises others or who hates the way they look, or who acts like a bully or always sees the worst in people, ever embrace positive thinking? The short answer – it can never happen in any meaningful way for such people.,/p>

When you really understand how positive thinking works, you will have the power to transform your life and the lives of your children for the better. You will have the ability to pass on a gift – possibly the greatest gift ever - that will remain with them and you for the rest of your lives.

Children and young people are more open to the idea that things are a lot better if you are optimistic and expect the best in life. Children who grow up in a positive and loving atmosphere are also naturally happier and are more likely to succeed according to most experts.

Armed with the power of positive thinking and the knowledge of how it works, you will be able to deal with all adversities, improve your chances for happiness and success; you will have a greater chance of developing better relationships and much, much more. And yes – all the material stuff such as money and success – can be yours and we will talk about that later.

When positive thinking works, it can always be traced back to four core elements – imagination, common sense, faith or belief in yourself and action. I believe that the greatest of all of these is common sense because this will dictate everything you do and set out a strategy for changing your life for the better.

Let me explain what I mean by common sense. If you think positive thinking will help you to attract a massive lottery win, then you are probably going to be disappointed. You can try as hard as you like to concentrate on that objective, you can visualise the cheque coming your way and all the money you are about to give to friends and charities – but the end result is likely to be zip.

This is when you and probably thousands of others finally lost faith in positive thinking. You will then have decided that it simply does not work and to really rub it in, you will have kicked yourself for being so foolish in the first place in thinking it would.

In spite of your best efforts there was one major flaw in your thinking. There was a little voice at the back of your head which kept telling you that your dream was impossible simply because it was too big or you were not ready yet. It crept in when your guard was down and totally undermined everything you wanted to achieve.

Common sense dictates that your desires have to be realistic because you will then believe that they are possible. Without this belief, the Law of Attraction can never begin to work. There is no point in blaming yourself, you simply tried to take short cuts and here is one of the real lessons of mastering powerful positive thinking – get the basics right first before you tackle the bigger stuff.

This is why I constantly reinforce the idea of common sense. If you were a competent and highly effective glider pilot you would not expect to take the controls of a modern fighter jet – at least not straight away – so why do you expect to do the same with positive thinking. You have to learn and master how it all works and you will be pleased to know - it’s not that difficult – and certainly not as tough as flying a fighter jet.

We have already seen how common sense and belief work together and they are a vital part of the positive thinking process. Once you start to believe and have faith that something new and wonderful is about to enter your life - then everything is possible.

Having faith is almost akin to a religious experience and positive thinking is often described as being very similar to prayer. Those with deeply religious beliefs have total faith that their prayers will be answered and positive thinking works in the same way.

“Ask and it shall be given” is a passage of scripture which is frequently quoted as a guide to positive thinking, but it means more than that. You have asked and it will be given as long as you believe that is the case.

Belief and faith are vital parts of the whole process but they come with a warning. When you want something so badly there is always a huge temptation to keep focussing on what you want most. You become like a dog constantly returning to the same old bone and you cannot help yourself.

When this happens you create a reverse effect. You concentrate so much on the one subject that the Universe wrongly interprets this as lack. The more you focus, the greater the lack and the Law of Attraction will respond to that assumption and deliver precisely that – nothing.

When you want something so much it is incredibly difficult not to keep thinking about your desires – but do this you must. This is where the third part of the positive thinking equation comes into force – and it’s called action.

The Universe really wants to help you achieve all your desires but it is not averse to a little bit of extra help. When you concentrate on the action, you take your focus away from what you truly desire which means it has a double whammy affect – and all of it is in your favour.

So what do I mean by action. Well, let’s assume that you want more money – it is probably the best example of what most people crave when they decide to look deeper at positive thinking. To support this you can then introduce a new strategy such as looking for a better job, taking on some additional part time work or may be starting a little business of your own, then the Universe will see that you have taken the right action and will respond.

Your focus then becomes targeted on what you are doing, allowing the Universe to get on with the job of delivering your particular dream totally unhindered by your constant thoughts. As it sees what you are trying to do - it will get the message.

The final piece of the puzzle is how you feel about the whole process and this is where imagination plays its part. You started by imagining what you wanted from positive thinking and how things would change in your life once your dream was delivered.

You got excited about the prospect – tell me you got excited and enthused because how you feel is also important. If you cannot get upbeat then why should the Universe. Remember to keep that imagination going because instead of concentrating on what you want – and we have already established that we should avoid doing that – use it to see yourself as if you had already received your dream or desire.

There is nothing wrong with daydreaming. If it is money you are hoping to attract see yourself as rich. Imagine the luxury holiday, the big house and fast car, best restaurants and hotels. You can now afford anything you want so go out there in your mind and purchase the best.

Let’s remind you again about this magic equation. Powerful positive thinking is made up of imagination, plus common sense, plus action and last but by no means least – faith and belief that everything is possible.

To make things easier I always recommend using a sheet of paper and pen every time to practice positive thinking as this will help you to focus on what you need. The universe is like a giant computer and will literally deliver what it thinks you want so by getting it right at the front end there are fewer chances of misunderstandings.

So begin by writing down your dream. This will apply to everything we talk about throughout this book so none of this will be wasted as you will see from future chapters. We are talking here about your personal order to the Universe and when you have mastered it, you will be able to pass it on to your children.

When you write down your order remember to use masses of common sense. Start with something that will make a difference in your life but do it a little at a time – baby steps. You might want to attract millions of pounds or dollars but if a couple of hundred would do for the moment, then concentrate on that instead. You can take care of the big stuff later.

Now write down all the negatives that have been holding you back. Have a really good clear out and remember to be honest with yourself. Write as many down as you can because they no longer have any place in your life. When you have finished, write underneath that none of these negatives will ever hold you back again.

Your next step is to write down the actions that you intend to take to help deliver your dream. Only you know what these are and once again, write down as many as you can, be creative but most importantly, you must now vow to take those actions if you are to deliver your desires.

The imagination comes later because the next important job is to read through your personal order to the Universe to make sure that everything is just right. Feel free to edit and amend if you wish – it is your personal order after all. Be excited about the prospect that the Universe is getting ready to deliver.

Now comes the bit that I like the best. Once you are really sure that you have everything just right I want you to stop – consider it for one final second or two – then totally destroy that piece of paper. Make it as dramatic as you wish – burn it, shred it, launch it into space on the back of a firework if that is good for you – but destroy it you must.

That is your signal to totally forget about your order. If you had gone online to Amazon with an order for a new product you would not be ringing them every five minutes to see if it had arrived. By doing this you would be creating delays as admin staff would have to stop, check and start the process all over again. It is clearly much better for you to have confidence that all is well and that your order will be delivered at the right time.

The Universe works in exactly the same way. If you keep focussing on the order you will be preventing its delivery, so you must instead have faith and belief that all is well and like Amazon everything will be delivered by the due date.

Your imagination should now be kicking in as if your order has already been delivered. You will also be starting your actions as soon as possible to help things along and that is the principle of powerful positive thinking and with a little practice you will find it gets easier every time.

That of course is the formula for attracting what you desire by working with the Law of Attraction, but as I have alluded to in previous paragraphs, positive thinking is more than just the ability to manifest material things.

That of course is the formula for attracting what you desire by working with the Law of Attraction, but as I have alluded to in previous paragraphs, positive thinking is more than just the ability to manifest material things.

Right now you have created your own reality by the way you think. You are doing the same for your children by the way you influence them and they in turn are creating a clone of your reality. So if you are reading this blog I assume that this will be an even greater incentive to get this right for you and the others you love.

That reality would have been created by a mixture of positive and negative thoughts, a lifetime’s accumulation of experiences which have moulded you and your environment. You are doing the same for your children as you pass on your responses to situations now occurring in your life.

I have now passed on the formula for attracting what you want using positive thinking, but as effective as I know it is, it cannot work until we have eliminated negativity and some of the things that will always prevent the good stuff happening – but that is for another blog.