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Want to change your life? Then it’s time to get scared

The world feels like a difficult place right now. A global pandemic has turned some of us into hermits, seemingly afraid of everything and the future looks uncertain for many others, worried about their families, jobs and material possessions.

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It is hard to be a positive thinking person when the entire planet seems to have gone mad. It is so much easier to talk about disaster just around the corner and to flood your mind with thousands of negative thoughts and outcomes.

When it starts to get tough, the natural default position is to do nothing, to sit back and see what happens. How many times have you heard people tell you that they will “cross that bridge when they come to it?”

Let’s imagine for the moment that the bridge in question is just around the corner and its bristling with armed guards with orders to prevent you crossing. You might just make it across like one of those Hollywood superstars in a disaster movie, but I would not count on it.

So, what happens now? You are where you are, you have a choice to improve on what you have, to make a better life for yourself, to take on new challenges, to make things happen – in short – to do something that scares you.

Moving forward means getting away from your comfort zone, to be willing to take a chance, to learn to be positive, to formalise a strategy that offers new opportunities to improve yourself and deliver everything you have ever dreamed of -and it is all in your hands.

But what if? These are three words that destroy the concept of positive thinking. As soon as you start listing all of the things that can go wrong then you are already beaten. You have just talked yourself out of ever moving forward.

Forget those three little words and substitute them with two others – “I can.”  I can get this new job, I can lose that extra weight, I can improve my relationships, I can start that new business and improve my finances – please feel free to add your own I can just here.

The day you decide to exchange what if for I can then you will be on the road to recovery, to improving your life forever – and things really start to get moving when you add positive thinking visualisation with some common sense and action.

Visualising means using the power of your imagination to work out the future you really want. Feel excited about the prospect of it being yours, see yourself enjoying all the benefits on offer, but always remember to keep it real.

When you first start out with positive thinking outcomes it is very easy to be unrealistic. Much better to go forward with small baby steps that you know you can achieve and the big stuff will follow later. As you visualise your goals start adding in the actions that you are willing to take to turn those dreams into reality – this will reinforce your vision and help bring it to fruition.

Of course, you could continue to sit back and see what happens, wait until you reach that distant bridge. If you never take a chance, if you never try anything different then it is of course impossible to fail.

No one will blame you for it, but you will know that when the going got tough you were not prepared to take action and consider alternative options. You did not want to do something that really scared you.

For those that did decide to do something they will find that every day is scary, because every mile forward is a step into the unknown. Such people know there will be set backs from time to time, but they have planned for them and will learn from the experience.

So decide that now is the best time ever to take those tentative first steps to a brighter future. It is time to get really scared because you are in charge of what happens next.