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Want to know how we make our great videos?

We get hundreds of people asking how we make our great videos and I am happy to share the secret.

We use a platform called Vidnami and here’s the best bit – you can try it totally FREE of charge.

To find out more just click this link https://www.vidnami.com/c/makevideo-vn-freetrial As some of you will know, most of what we offer on this website is also free which is why I looked for a similar resource to deliver our videos and blogs.

The thing that I like about Vidnami is that you do not have to be highly technical. It is so easy to use and I am even getting used to the sound of my own voice, which I never thought would happen. You write out your script and the software does the rest.

This resource took me about 20 minutes to work out, not too bad for a technophobe like me and as I have played with it a little bit more, I keep finding out new ways to do stuff, particularly with the videos we produce free of charge for schools.

So, in case you were wondering - it has really changed the way that we present our positive thinking blogs and I am certainly happy to recommend the resource to you.