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We have to remain positive to beat the bad people

It is very difficult to be positive when bad things happen. Life for all of us is a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, births and deaths, good times and difficult times, success and disappointments – the list is endless.

It takes a strong person to be upbeat and looking forward to the future when they are surrounded by darkness and feel their entire life has collapsed and will never be the same again. If that’s what’s happening to you right now just accept it, because that’s what it’s like to be human with feelings that need to be expressed – let it all out.

If you are a naturally positive person you will in time see that small beam of light from behind the clouds and you will get your life back into perspective again and in the right direction. Sometimes however, this might not seem that easy when it looks as if the whole world is conspiring to keep you feeling miserable

We are surrounded by bad news and there is little chance of escape from the 24 hour a day media circus that wants to remind us all the time about the negative things that are happening across the world.

We are subjected to a daily diet of terrorist attacks on the innocent, reports of abuse, horror crashes, global warming and plastics pollution of our oceans – how long do you want this list to go on. No one it seems wants to report the good news – and there is plenty of it – but it just doesn’t sell newspapers or attract listeners or viewers.

This daily attack on our senses is one of the main reasons why so many people feel so negative. How can you rejoice for example over the birth of a new baby when you have just watched TV and seen dozens of teenagers gunned down at their school?

So what is the answer? Fortunately we have choices. I know of many people who simply refuse anymore to watch the TV or buy newspapers because what they are seeing or reading starts a spiral of negativity and depression.

For most of us this is not a very practical solution. We need to know what is happening in the world – good or bad – which in turn means that we have to be ready to cope with the upset and emotional feelings that it generates.

In reality most of us recoil at the horror of what we are seeing or reading but manage to keep such things in perspective. We know what we are seeing is bad but can detach ourselves from the facts and know that these incidents do not directly affect our particular lives.

However, for some it is more difficult to remain detached. For them it is human to empathise with those who are suffering, particularly when it is graphically brought into their living rooms on a daily basis and it is made even worse if they are going through a particularly dark period.

The daily grind of bad news and events has to be seen for what it really is – just news. It only has the power to affect your mood and create negativity in your life if you allow it. Share a tear of sympathy for those who are suffering but if you really want to help you must be stronger.

Turn your sympathy and negative responses into something more positive. Can you help by sending money or messages of support. Is there a way that you can protest at the injustice of what you have seen or heard?

That is your real choice. You can let bad events darken your mood or you can take common sense action. There is a health warning of course – there always is. You must not let dark thoughts turn you towards anger – that is just negativity under a different name.

Bad things will happen and they are made worse if we react negatively to them. By remaining positive and doing what we can we will slowly stop the bad people. They will never win if all of us remain positive and vow that they cannot turn us into the negative zombies that they have clearly become.