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What should I do with my life? Try Learning

How many times have you asked the question – what should I do with my life? It gets more complicated when you go even deeper into your thoughts and wonder about your life purpose, why you are here and what you are fated to achieve - if anything?

There are numerous blogs that attempt to answer the same questions when in truth there is only one person that really has a clue – and that’s you. However, as this website and the concept of powerful positive thinking exist to provide inspiration and hopefully the catalyst to spur readers on to greater things, we have added to the debate with a few thoughts of our own.

Consider for a moment, especially if you are a spiritual person that you might simply be on this planet to learn. You could now be thinking what has this has to do with powerful positive thinking and me achieving my career goals or key objective to be a multi-millionaire, but stay with the train of thought for a while longer and you will see where we are going with this.

As humans in a materialistic world our objectives and the decision as to “what I should do with my life” are usually in response to earning a living, supporting your family, putting food on the table, getting a good job – you get the idea.

It all seems very mundane when you would probably prefer to wonder whether your purpose is to change the world, invent a lifesaving drug or alter global warming. But let’s park the materialistic things for the moment and consider how through learning – you really can make a difference.

As your life skills evolve and develop you pass on that knowledge to your fellow human beings and make a massive difference in their lives. You teach your children how to be better adults, you pass on advice and support to friends and colleagues. You have friends who enjoy your company – the list is almost endless – and is possibly your purpose in life – to be the best in all of those areas and more.

That’s great but I am in a rotten job, on my second divorce, everybody hates me and I have no idea where I go from here – what should I do with my life. That’s a totally different story because you can choose to be anything you want and as I mentioned at the beginning of this article that’s where the principals of powerful positive thinking take shape.

If you are simply focussing on the material values then go about achieving them in other ways. There are several blogs on this site that deal with making money and career advancement and more, but this blog is purely focussed on what you should do with your life and how it can be better.

Learning makes you a better mother, father, employee, friend, colleague or associate. You learn life skills as a child on how to interact with your fellow humans and these adapt through life.

If you are not getting on with others then it is you that has to change and that is really what you have to do with your life. By changing you, better things will materialise in your life.

So, what really should I do with my life? Try learning from your mistakes, learning from your experiences, learning from your successes, learning from others – and you will find your life enriched and will never need to ask that question again.