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When positive thinking and jealousy can be a good thing

We all suffer from jealousy to some extent – it’s an integral part of human nature to be envious and desire and want things that others already have. But believe it or not, jealousy and positive thinking can be incredibly compatible because it can help you to focus your mind on what you really want in life.

Please do not confuse every day envy with the type of compulsive jealousy that can destroy lives and relationships. Positive thinking and jealousy do not relate with such emotions, especially when they turn into anger and in extreme cases – violence.

The secret is to recognise when a little bit of old fashioned envy can be a very good thing. You can be genuinely pleased for example when someone else succeeds and as you pass on your congratulations you can still forgive yourself, even if you subconsciously wish it had been you.

However, there is nothing positive if that jealousy turns you into a two faced gossip, praising someone directly while complaining afterwards to friends or colleagues that they did not really deserve anything. There is nothing good about that kind of jealousy and in such cases – try as hard as you may - positive thinking will not help you to attract what others already have.

You can admire someone’s good looks, personality, possessions and wish they were yours – it’s the most natural of reactions and you should be grateful for them. They are telling you what you would like and if you are the type of person who practices regular positive thinking – then you will soon have those things in your life as well.

What I am really talking about here is the subtle differences between good and bad jealousy and if you can recognise them for what they are, then you can use these emotions to spur you on to greater things.

This particularly applies to material possessions. I love the way that my American readers react when they see someone with all the trappings of wealth. They mostly and invariably react positively, determined that they will soon attract something similar into their lives.

Sadly there are many in the UK that take the opposite response. They see an expensive car and immediately resent the fact that someone else owns it – and it has even been known that some go on to show their appreciation and jealousy by damaging the vehicle.

We have seen the rise of internet trolls who take comfort in their anonymity to spew bile and anger at others who they feel have achieved more than they have. They believe it gives them the right to complain when all they are really saying – is that they resent that same lack of success in their lives.

It’s all a question of balance. Be as jealous as you like but turn it into a positive by vowing to attract the same things into your life. You can even write down that you are so jealous of something that others possess that you would like something just the same.

Think about it – this is a very precise specification to the Universe. There is no confusion or ambiguity so the chances are you will attract exactly what you want, especially if you have applied a bit of common sense and action.

It is jealously – that little bit of green that has acted as the catalyst to make you do something and the Law of Attraction will be firmly on your side. You must of course be very careful to ensure that your mild jealousy never turns into resentment as you will quickly undo all your good work.

And the good news is that when you start doing all this there is another particular bonus. You have acknowledged that it is ok to be jealous from time to time even when you are genuinely pleased for another.

It is also OK for you to want to share or have some of that success – it does not make you a bad person – it just makes you human – and that’s when jealously and powerful positive thinking can really work for you.