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When you are quick to judge the Universe takes notice

It’s a sad fact of modern life but it has to be said – most of us are very quick to judge. Our opinions are often based on the flimsiest of facts but that’s usually good enough for many who seem unusually quick nowadays to feel outrage or offence – mostly on behalf of others.

time for change

If you look at it logically we are seeing a gladiator mentality emerging, where we can focus all our anger or passion on one or two individuals, pleased in the knowledge that we are not on the receiving end.

In terms of positive thinking, this is not a good trend, because all this anger and criticism has to go somewhere – and it does – right out into the Universe where it is magnified 10 fold before it comes all the way back to affect you.

Every time you type a critical post or tweet, every time you shout abuse at someone, every time you stand in a corner and gossip maliciously about others, you create an aura which the Universe sees as negative and labels you accordingly.

This label prevents you from attracting many of the good things in life that positive thinking offers. It holds you back in your career, you ultimately lose friends – after all what are you saying about them when they are not around? In short – your judgement of others ultimately leads to them making a judgement about you – and they don’t like what they see.

You probably never saw it coming. There you were on social media sharing a few opinions and before you knew it you were part of the mob criticising and judging others because a few individuals decided it was a cool thing to do.

Let’s talk directly to you – are you really that nasty person? When did you start to judge and criticise others? Was it peer pressure that started this trend? Did you start a friendship with a negative person who took you down another road?

Perhaps things have been a bit tough lately and it’s been easier to blame others for your problems. Anyone who is different in any way can be such a target and why should you be responsible for your own difficulties?

Well you are responsible but it is never too late to change. You can decide right now whether you enjoy being a social media troll, whether you like your reputation for a sharp tongue – or you could of course take a long hard look at yourself and decide to be different.

If you are willing to change it means never having a negative opinion about someone else – unless cold hard facts say otherwise. It means never targeting others with gossip. It means looking for the good in others – and I promise you – it is really worth it.

When you decide to be that better person there are some incredible pay backs from the Universe. You start to attract new and loyal friends because they see you as someone who will defend them at all times – even when they are not around.

The Universe likes the new you and in return will help you manifest the things you need in your life. Negative people do not get the same break. It means you can attract money, love or anything else you truly desire.

But first you need to stop making judgements – at least until you know the real facts. It’s like the woman who every day peered at her next door neighbour, saw her washing on the line and remarked on how dirty it was.

Every day she would do this until one morning her husband cleaned the windows. That’s how too many of us make our judgements – through dirty windows until all is made clear.