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When you are ready to ditch the despair – positive thinking is waiting

How bad do you feel right now? Have you hit rock bottom, wondering as you look into that abyss if your life will ever be the same again? No doubt about it, you are feeling very low and as that mood of hopelessness and despair totally overwhelms you, the last thing you want to hear from some well-meaning person like me is that things are going to get better – so I’m not going to – because I would be lying.

If your life has really reached such a low point then it’s not going to change overnight, you have to get angry and work out a few issues. You might need to get rid of feelings such as guilt. You might be coping with the stress of bereavement or the break-up of a relationship.

Someone like me cannot know what happened in your life. Was it one single incident or a combination of events that eventually led to this moment? Right now it doesn’t really matter because you cannot recall any time when you felt this low and you probably no longer care.

In case you’re wondering, this really is a website that talks about positive thinking and attracting all the good things in life – so why should I be talking about despair and misery? It’s a great question with an easy answer – we have all been there at some time in our lives and we must acknowledge that fact - **** happens.

You may of course be suffering from a mental illness, severe depression or something similar, where you must seek the help of skilled professionals, but even they will tell you that it helps if you can encourage a positive mind-set.

So let’s draw a line through all this misery and start looking for some solutions. We all know that when you have reached rock bottom then the only way is up – sadly that’s not exactly right. A lot of people reach the bottom and are unable to get up again until they are ready, but whatever category you may be in – it’s time to get positive.

The question is – are you really ready to do this? You might still have issues such as anger or “poor me” syndrome or you might simply want to wallow in your misery and despair for a little longer – there are lots of people who do enjoy feeling sorry for themselves.

But as you will be reading this on my website or in one of my books then I can only assume that you want to rise up from rock bottom and if that’s the case then you will need to embrace the power of positive thinking and change your life for the better.

It starts with you recognising all the bad things that have happened to get you to this point. Feeling miserable on its own is not enough, you have to clearly identify what is causing you to feel this bad and if it helps write it all down.

For many this simple act of identifying such problems helps to get them into perspective and when you are able to look at them more surgically they are often not as bad or as insurmountable as they first seemed.

In any event, once you have written them down you must state clearly underneath that the causes of your misery no longer have any place in your life and will not return. Be as forceful as you wish with this last statement.

When you are happy with this then write down the person you now want to be, imagine that you are happier, that you have started a new life, new job, new relationship – it’s your specification right so make sure you include all the things that are going to change your life for the better.

Regular readers know what happens next. Destroy that piece of paper – be as dramatic as you wish, burn it, shred it, tear it into a million pieces if you want. That’s the sound of your order going out to the Universe.

Now you must forget about it because you need to take action. All the misery has had a debilitating effect and you need to get off your backside and do stuff that makes you and your environment look better. You need to take action that will help deliver the new you and when you do – the Universe will be listening and will be ready to help.

But nothing happens until you are ready to stop feeling miserable because everyone who loves, admires and respects you wants you to be happy and fulfilled – the others do not matter in the slightest – and as you emerge from this dark chrysalis then the beautiful butterfly that is you will emerge.