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Who gave you permission to be miserable on the 3rd Monday in January?

Apparently, the most miserable 24 hours of the year is the third Monday in January. It was a date dreamt up by a marketing executive wanting to sell summer holidays on the basis that this was the time when finances were under the most pressure following Christmas, by now New Year resolutions had probably failed and people had nothing to look forward to except cold weather and dark nights.

I think you all get the picture but as a marketing exercise it has spectacularly failed because the media has taken the concept and focussed on the misery – as we all know there is nothing like a good dose of bad news to sell papers.

And because the media are unwilling to let the facts stand in the way of a good story then millions of people really believe this stuff and think it gives them a right to be miserable because somebody else has told them that is the correct way to feel.

For the sake of this blog let’s assume and hope that there is nothing really serious in your life right now that could be responsible for your misery. Divorces, bereavement, ill health, serious financial difficulties are obviously good reasons to feel down and need to be dealt with in a totally different way and are covered by other blogs on this site.

What we are talking about here is something totally artificial but because it has the power of the press behind it then millions will decide to feel miserable for the sake of it because misery is infectious and even worse – once it takes hold that day can easily turn into a week, a month and in worse cases – a whole new way of life and not a good one.

Before we start talking about thinking positive let’s first consider a few basic facts that the misery mongers don’t want to discuss. On the 3rd Monday in January every year thousands of new lives will appear on this planet and for most they will bring untold joy. There will be those winning cash prizes, hearing of success, getting or starting new jobs or hobbies – how long a list do you want.

The point here is that no one should have the power to decide whether you are miserable or happy. Bad things happen to us all from time to time but it is you who chooses how you react to these situations and how they will ultimately affect you – in short, it means that you have total control over the person you want to be.

Choosing not to be miserable on the third Monday in January is one thing, but choosing not to be miserable – period – is a way of life. Like everything else to do with Powerful Positive Thinking write down the person you want to be, see yourself as happy and write that down as well. Look at all the things you have to be grateful for, try to discard your dislike for others and try to forgive or understand them if you feel slighted in any way. Most importantly, you must write down your strategy and goals for being happy and staying that way.

Once you are satisfied with the list then destroy it as you are already on the way to being a happier person and the universe has got the message. Then start with the action, being grateful for all the good things in your life, start looking forward to new events and happenings however minor or insignificant they may seem.

You are now on your journey to a happier life – yes there will be set backs, but they will only seem like you have taken a wrong turn on a motorway and if you have set the route properly then you will soon be back on course.

Unless of course you like being miserable – which means you will never be short of company – and you will never start that journey to happiness. - your choice.