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Why am I so lazy? Who says you are?

None of us are the same – there are always going to be people more motivated, more dynamic and more driven, than anyone else you know. It does not mean that you are less committed or care less – and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are lazy.

You might be more laid back; you might like to take time to consider what needs to be done – that doesn’t mean that you are lazy either. But you are obviously asking – why am I so lazy? - Or you would not have found this blog or this website – so welcome and let’s discuss.

Could be that you are feeling very tired at the moment. Maybe it’s been a bad week, month, year or even longer when everything has gone wrong. It’s your problems we are talking about – anything from divorce, ill health, finances; depression – so an understandable lack of motivation is probably OK right now and we will talk more about that later.

Some people will also avoid action of any kind by looking for distractions – any reason they can find to ignore the job in hand. That’s also has nothing to do with laziness – could be you are simply unwilling or unable to do that job, you have no idea what action to take and you may be worrying about the potentially embarrassing consequences of a failure on your part.

Depression is also the direct route to inaction. When all you can think of is how bad you feel and how bleak the future looks then it’s not surprising that you feel demotivated. In such circumstances, the last question you need to ask under such circumstances is why am I so lazy?

Feelings of hopelessness and low self-esteem are massive factors for inaction. Add them to all the other reasons already stated – and if these apply to you – then you are not a lazy person, just someone who needs to think differently.

And here comes the good news. Powerful positive thinking is ready to transform your life and as it does your energy level will return, you will feel more motived and a whole new life will open up.

So let’s get started. Get out that key board or paper and pen and start writing down how you want your life to look. C’mon, if you are feeling that bad then the only way is up so spend a bit of time thinking about the person you want to be. Specify each detail so there is no doubt – and then destroy that message – confident that it has been received by the universe.

Forget what you have written and have faith that it will be delivered. Try not to think about it again as it will highlight the lack in your life and will then deliver just that – lack.

You have made the first step, now you have to use common sense and action, the other two key factors in powerful positive thinking (PPT). Keep it realistic and start looking for that new job, join that club or gym, begin that diet or whatever else it takes – any thoughts of laziness will no longer be there.

You have now taken the first steps to your new life and do you know what, you have now earned the right to be lazy. Sit back, watch the TV or sit in the garden with your favourite drink – whatever makes you feel good.

And next time you ask the question – why am I lazy? The answer is – because I deserve it.