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Why giving up something is always a positive thing

Giving up on something is frequently associated with being negative, but that should never be the case. We have all given up on something or someone at some time in our lives but here comes the irony – when you look back there might be sadness and a few regrets, but would you really change anything.

You will see plenty or articles that tell you never to give up, keep trying, don’t let the ****** grind you down. If you are in a war zone fighting for your very life then of course you must keep trying – giving up is not an option.

But in just about every other case, giving up is the only way to go if you are to ever move on in your life and while you may have to make a few difficult decisions the end result will be worth it, if you are doing it for the right reasons.

When you really get down to it, giving up is really about your reaction to any given situation and the thing, the person or object you are discarding. If you are a positive person then you will view all this as a real step forward – if you are negative then it will be all about failure and you will continually dwell on it. This is why most people wrongly associate giving something up as being negative.

So let’s get down to the real point of this article and discuss why you should always feel positive when you make the decision to move on, stop, change course or look for something new in your life.

Let’s start with the easy options such as giving up smoking, alcohol or drugs. We all know that has to be a good thing, we know all of these things have the ability to kill us and we all know how anti-social they can be – so what’s the problem.

Easy you say, yes, have been there myself, so I know you might need a little bit of willpower, but unless you make the decision to be positive about giving up these things, it isn’t going to happen. Giving up will then be about the negative side of your ego, you will magnify the cravings, create arguments with loved ones who you hope will prefer it if you started all over again rather than be the monster you have become.

You have concentrated on the negative rather than the positive benefits of being heathier, richer, less smelly, and less moody – so you need positive thinking in your life to see that giving up such things is good for you and until you do – you will never give up - ever.

It’s a similar situation when you make the decision to give up on a bad relationship. If you invest in negative thoughts that you might be lonely, short of money or believe you have let people down then you can never move on. The negativity will act as a creeping paralysis - fear that will gradually take over to prevent change.

Invest in the positive and you will see a glowing future full of possibilities, a new freedom and opportunities that until now have prevented you from being a real person. Yes, you will always have a memory of that person or situation, but you outgrew them and took the right action – just when it was needed – you moved on.

You might have started a business and now you can see that it is not working out. You are rapidly running out of cash but you have been told never to give up and it’s creating stress and worry and the thought of closing it down sounds like failure.

You are locked into negativity and your positive mood must be to take action, restrict your losses, learn from the experience and move on. Only your negative ego is preventing this move from happening and when you do people will respect you for it.

You will start again, strengthened by the experience and ready to do battle, but once again you may take a wrong turn and once again you have to start for a third, fourth, fifth time – that’s life and each time you will learn.

Giving up something is good for you, it is a positive step forward because you have outgrown it. The only thing holding you back is your own fears and ego, your concerns about what others may think. Do you know what – it doesn’t matter.

You looked into the future and saw the light to a new you – giving up was the first step – so what is stopping you from taking it?