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Why you should do something that scares you every day

You should do something every day that scares you. Even better - attempt something that really takes you outside of your comfort zone. You can of course plod on in the same old way, but where is the fun in that, where is the challenge and the joy of achievement.

I fully understand that some of you may well be asking why would you want to do something like that. Is life not stressful enough without exposing yourself to even more grief? Have you not got more than your share of problems to contend with – life is tough right now?

At the risk of stating the ******* obvious, we are all going through difficult times and that is the whole point of this article. We have got used to hiding behind the sofa, talking to people from behind masks, afraid to go out.

Lockdown has become the new normal and it is about time that we started to get our lives back together and we can only do this if we start to think positive, to visualise the good times. Positive thinking is about setting goals, having something to strive for.

C’mon, you remember that feeling, the days when you woke up ready to take on the world. Have you still got that drive and enthusiasm or has the world decided to fight back? If that is the case then what happened – and much more importantly – what are you going to do about it?

Doing something that scares you could be as simple as going to the shops, going back to work, meeting friends and neighbours after 12 months in lockdown. Only you can take your life back, only you can choose to get outside you comfort zone – it is only fear of the unknown that is holding you back.

On a more ambitious note, why not reach for the stars. Choose to start that new business, begin that diet or fitness regime, change your job, go for a makeover – this is your life we are talking about here and it is time to set new goals.

I expect you can think of dozens of good reasons for doing nothing and that’s where positive thinking takes over. It is only your fears that are holding you back, those little nagging doubts, the what if moments, the great unknown.

Only you can kickstart your life and now is the perfect time, but it can never work if you are in the wrong mindset. If you are going to do something new then you have to throw yourself into it and have the faith and belief that it is going to work – and work well.

A whole new future is ready to open up for you if you are ready to take those first few tentative steps. Plan for it, look at potential obstacles and have a strategy for overcoming them, set time constraints.

Now is the time to lock into Powerful Positive Thinking. Visualise yourself succeeding at whatever you have chosen to do, imagine being successful and then decide what action you are going to take to make your dream come true.

Action is a key part of positive thinking. The Universe likes you to have a great mindset but is not averse to a little extra help from time to time. So, work out what you need to do to help bring your dream into fruition.

Of course, you must remember to keep it real. If a lottery win is a key part of your strategy, then the chances are you will never succeed. You have to believe that you will succeed to really succeed if you catch my drift – and let’s face it, it is difficult to believe that millions will appear as if by magic.

Keep your ideas grounded, be positive and you have started a new journey towards success. Then you will be ready to do something that really scares you.

And when you have done that once you will want to do it again. Your old enthusiasm and drive will start to come back, life will begin to improve. It is down to you to take those first steps and even if you don’t want to be the next Richard Branson just make sure that you get out of that comfort zone.

When you do, you will be amazed at just how quickly positive change for the better comes into your life. Go for it.