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You should never feel guilty about riches and success

It seems unbelievable, but there are many out there who, to all appearances have it all – and for that very reason are finding it hard to cope. They are carrying this enormous guilt trip on their shoulders and the feeling that they are somehow unworthy.

There are hundreds of thousands worldwide who feel this way about success, money, winning and all the other kind of things that lesser mortals strive for and fail to obtain. I doubt if most of you feel any kind of sympathy for them right now – but read on because things are not always what they seem.

There is an enormous paradox which probably illustrates exactly how the Law of Attraction and positivity really works and if the rest of us could truly master what is going on here we would never want for anything for the rest of our lives.

Regular readers to this site will be familiar with the Powerful Positive Thinking formula and the one key area that is critical to its success or failure. You will recall that I keep telling you to forget about the thing you want most because if you keep focussing on it – and the fact that it is not there - then the Universe will assume that you really don’t want it – and that’s what you get.

People afraid of success are petrified about being thrown into the limelight, petrified that if they have money and success that it will change their lives for the worse. They keep focussing on these areas, anxious that they should never appear – and what do you think happens?

Correct - success, money, the big house – everything they never wanted turns up by the bucket load. As they have focussed on not wanting something then the Universe has assumed the reverse by interpreting that they really do.

To support this focus, those people set about a series of actions designed to keep out of the limelight. They take lesser jobs, do their best to stay in the shadows and that’s how they want it to last.

I guess this does sound a little confusing until you realise that those people are as intense about NOT wanting something as most others are intense about REALLY getting it - if you get the drift – and the Universe duly obliges.

All this does is confirm what I have always known about the Law of Attraction and the way it works and I hope this will do the same for you. If you are trying to manifest something into your life right now then you must forget about it.

You must have faith that the Universe has got the message and take action instead to bring the object of your desire a little bit closer. Some of you of course may be thinking that a bit of reverse psychology might do the trick.

You can forget about the straight away because the Universe will see through the charade. It will see that you lack commitment and real focus – so all you will be doing is wasting your time. Sorry, but you have to keep to the agreed formula.

But let’s get back for the moment to the people that appear to have it all and continue to have these feelings of guilt and unworthiness. What went wrong here? What caused them to have these feelings?

It probably goes back to childhood when parents and those in authority made their feelings known about money and success. Such people probably heard that money was evil, only the wicked would ever succeed and how could you be rich and successful when there is so much poverty and distress in the world?

No one told them how their riches could help alleviate distress and poverty. Bill Gates certainly got the message and is transforming the lives of millions. The rich and famous are using their money and influence to really help others and that is the message we need to put across to those feeling unworthy.

The fact is that the Universe is abundant and there is enough for all if we practice the Law of Attraction – it is never something to feel guilty about.