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Your first step to forgiving and losing that bitterness and hatred forever

Have you ever noticed that people who carry grudges or seek revenge are often so bitter or angry that they can never be truly happy? The desire to get back or get even consumes them to the point where it becomes an obsession that can take over – and in extreme cases - will ruin their lives and those around them.

It’s is particularly ironic that negative traits such as hatred, jealousy and particularly anger, never affect the person they are aimed at. By focussing all those dark thoughts on one target you are telling the universe it is something you desire for yourself – and the law of attraction delivers all that bitterness back to its source by the bucket load.

It is impossible to move forward if you can never let go of resentment. You have lost the power to positively influence your life and even worse, depending on the level of bitterness, you are almost certainly affecting your health.

It has to be accepted that there are some things that are difficult to forgive. Human beings have an enormous capacity for evil and cruelty, mental and physical and those scars are almost impossible to erase or put at the back of your mind.

Even in such extreme cases the desire for revenge merely gives power to those that caused the damage in the first place and they will continue to hold that power over you until you decide that you must forgive, forget, or simply let go – if for no other reason than your own peace of mind.

Thankfully, most causes of bitterness are not so extreme but they can equally affect your life in such a negative way that happiness will always allude you until you are ready to let go. Research tells us that most grudges or arguments start in a fairly innocuous way – a petty dispute, a thoughtless act, a spiteful remark.

Time has a habit of magnifying such acts but if you actually rationalise the cause of your anger most of you will see that it probably started with something small and escalated from there to the point where you have now lost contact with good friends, family, loved ones – was it really worth it?

It takes one strong person to start the healing process – and that has to be you because the object of your bitterness is probably unaware or doesn’t care how you feel. You have to decide to embrace powerful positive thinking in your life before you can begin to erase the scars.

So get out a notebook or a sheet of paper and write down in as much detail as possible just how you are feeling right now. Let all that resentment come out sentence by sentence. Try to rationalise what you are writing down by getting it into perspective and context. Was the source of your anger an ongoing problem or simply a chance remark – you have to decide.

When you have it all down on paper you then have to make a choice to let Powerful Positive Thinking (PPT) take over. You have to choose that you want to forgive and let go of all negative thoughts associated with those persons and write that down as well with as much feeling as possible, so that that you really mean it and believe the decision you have made.

When you are writing or creating your personal specification you also have to embrace common sense, a key part of PPT. This means creating a strategy to put things right. It might simply mean that you never think of these persons ever again in any way, negative or positive. It might also involve a strategy of attempting to repair any rift by getting in contact with lost friends or relatives – only you know the extent of the dispute.

Once you have created your specification you must destroy it and have faith that the universe has received your message – it has. Now do your best to forget it by taking the actions that you have already decided upon – don’t worry about the outcome – the universe will take care of that and will do all it can to repair your life.

Worst case scenario – you will feel that a massive load has been lifted from your shoulders. The universe will no longer be returning your bad thoughts to haunt you and ruin your life. At last you can now move on and start afresh – you have got rid of the anger and hatred that was holding you back.