Powerful Positive Thinking

What is Powerful Positive Thinking?

Welcome to Powerful Positive Thinking (PPT) It is different to anything else you may have experienced in the past. We want positive thinking to work for you, we want to help you overcome your fears and anxieties, we want you to overcome your negative feelings and thoughts and much more. We simply combine basic common sense, positive thinking and action with your life style and life style choices - to let the magic happen.

Explore our website and you will see that anything is possible.

Common sense PPT recognises that it is virtually impossible for most of us to change overnight and manifest our every wish. We can all think positively about winning the lottery, but that little voice in your sub conscious will keep reminding you that it isn’t going to happen. So you need to do something different to attract wealth and abundance - we will show you how.

Most, who have read self help books, quickly give up and decide that positive thinking is not for them. But when you combine it with a bit of common sense and action, see what happens. We have shown that with our formula real change is possible - and its FREE.

I am Michael Younge and I will help you find your goals. They are intended to inspire and make you think because only you can make the changes needed to turn your life around.

I also encourage other spiritually minded people to share their aspirations and will always consider publishing blogs from other authors.

If you feel you have something to say then let’s hear from you.

About Michael Younge

Michael Younge is best known for his work with schools worldwide where he provides free courses for students covering a broad range of issues from low self-esteem, poor body image, bullying and much more.

He is also a prolific author, having written several books and hundreds of different blogs, many of which can be seen on this website, covering all aspects of positive thinking and positivity and how they can change lives.

Michael, unlike many other authors who write about the subject, believes that positive thinking is really all about common sense and taking action to bring about change. He claims that simply by telling people that all they have to do is think about something long enough to make things happen is often just false hope.

Real positive thinking means doing everything differently, getting ride of negativity, anxieties and worries. Tackle these things first and you can concentrate on the big stuff later – and why raise false hope by telling someone that they can manifest a lottery win when the real objective is to get a few hundred pounds or dollars that are needed right now.

That’s why he insists that all of the blogs, articles and videos on the website will always be available totally free of charge so that anyone can always access advice, support or inspiration whenever they need it.

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