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This is the Powerful Positive Thinking Online wishing well and this is your opportunity to tell the Universe exactly what you want, to attract the things you desire in life – money, love, peace of mind, a better job – you decide and it’s totally FREE. This is the very essence of Powerful Positive Thinking, the rules and the actions you need to make the whole process work. You first need to register as a PowerThon member which is also FREE.

Some people might say that this is the digital equivalent of an old fashioned wishing well – and yes it is - because it means you can use positive thinking to work out what you need – and if you follow the rules – it will appear in your life.

Click on the link, write down the things that you desire, let go of the negatives that have been holding you back. Take as much time as you wish because this is your personal order to the Universe – and it’s listening.

This process is totally anonymous. We do not ask for e-mail addresses or names so you cannot be identified in any way – this is strictly between you and the Universe. When you have completed your personal order then you must hit the destruct button and never dwell on this request ever again.

The Universe does not need to be told twice and if you keep dwelling on your request then all you will be doing is focussing on the fact that it has not been delivered – and the more you focus the less chance you have of ever receiving it. Concentrate instead on the common sense actions you wrote down to make your dream come true.

If you have completed your personal order – maybe read it over one last time – now press the destruct button and when you do the Universe will receive your order. Have faith and belief that it will be delivered and it will.

You can visit this site as often as you wish to make a new order and if you are not sure how it all works then please read some of the blogs for a little guidance and welcome to your new world of powerful positive thinking.

Michael Younge

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