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motivational power positive thinking
motivational power positive thinking
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Hope is the catalyst when you decide that from

I always try to be positive. Let’s face it

For many the future has never seemed more uncertain

Positive Thinking - Why was this site created?

Powerful Positive Thinking (PPT) works because it combines basic common sense with your life style and life style choices. It’s something that all of us have – it just needs developing. You do not need any special training – just a trust that everything is how it should be – and that will come in time.

We have a simple equation for it:

Positive Thinking + Common Sense + Action = POWER

Common sense PPT recognises that it is virtually impossible for most of us to change overnight and manifest our every wish. We can all think positively about winning the lottery, but that little voice in your subconscious will keep reminding you that it isn’t going to happen.

So most give up and decide that positive thinking is not for them. But let’s combine it with a bit of common sense and action and then see what happens. We have shown that with our formula real change is possible.

Does thinking positive really work?

This is a great question, but it is more about what you think it will achieve in your life. Are you having trouble with dark emotions and want a way to remove those or are you looking to reach the next level in your life be it seeing yourself as a success in your career or relationships.

Like most areas of your life that you might want to improve, then the mind is one that also requires some training. After all, if you have had years of believing yourself to be a certain way. Unpicking that reality is going to take some work. It might be difficult but of course, your old personality is trying it's best to stay alive.

How do you keep a positive mindset?

One way is to accept you will feel negative sometimes and to no

t beat yourself up about it too much. Life can sometimes throw you a curve ball, so the important thing to realise is that by working with your emotions, you can actually increase your ability to handle those situations. All lives have problems in one way or another it just depends on what level of problems you want to deal with. I imagine Elon Musk had quite a few things to sort out when he managed to smash the window of his indestructible vehicle.

Maybe it's a case of being less negative

The flip side of having a positive mindset is, of course, having a negative one. So trying to force yourself to be positive when you might have a lot of negative self-talk going on is going to be as difficult as trying to lose weight by only eating cake.

Unfortunately, the brain is wired to look at things from a negative perspective. Your deep subconscious's role is to ensure you don't die or face a metaphorical death from feeling bad. However, that can result in some negative thoughts. Have a read through this list and see if any of them apply to you:

1) Focus on the negative: Let's say you have completed a piece of work and your boss has congratulated you on a job well done. But you end up chastising yourself for not quite getting it to the level you wanted it.

If this happens it is understandable you want to improve but at the same time give yourself the credit of completing the job

2) It's all about you: You've sent a few text messages to a prospective partner, only not to hear anything back. You immediately start blaming yourself on what you may have done wrong.

Let's face it, it might be you however instantly thinking it is you won't help your self-esteem. By trying to think of a more balanced approach means you give yourself a much needed mental break.

3) The worst is going to happen! Let's say you've made a mistake at work. We've all done it. But rather than looking at the mistake in isolation, you've already mentally given yourself the sack and have projected that you don't' know who you are going to pay the bills.

Again this is about trying to catch yourself from being so hard on yourself. Could that happen? Maybe but is it happening right now? Probably not, even if it is a massive mistake. If you can try and hold on from slipping down this path you will find a sense of peace. Especially when you notice yourself doing it.

4) Black & white thinking. An event occurs and you think it's either the best thing ever, or the worst day of your life (as Homer Simpson would say "The worst day in your life, so far")

Most things aren't completely black and white. Lose your job can be an opportunity to follow your dreams. Split from your partner, chance to spend sometime being yourself and going on adventures.

You will notice that the theme to those four points is about taking the negative power out of the words that you tell yourself. To create a sense of equilibrium. Even if the worst thing eventually does happen, at least you haven't spent hours, days or weeks worrying about it before it does. Thus giving you an opportunity to deal with the situation better.

How do you train your mind to think positive?

Well, this is in essence what this website is all about. But seeing as you've read this far then I will give you one easy thing to get started with.

Imagine if you had a friend you spoke to you the way your internal dialogue speaks to you now. For example, you might tell yourself such things as "I'm too lazy" how about reframing that as "I'm am looking for the task that fires my motivation" or maybe "I'm not successful" (which happens to be a great example of black and white thinking) find examples in your life where you have been successful. Someone told me once if I didn't think I was successful then maybe I need to redefine what I think success is.

Regular articles from Michael Younge, our resident blog writer, will help you find your goals. They are intended to inspire and make you think because only you can make the changes needed to turn your life around.

We also encourage other spiritually-minded people to share their aspirations and will always consider publishing blogs from other authors.

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