Powerful Positive Thinking

PowerThon - The World's toughest Positivity Challenge

This is PowerThon - A 90-Day Transformation, the ultimate Positive Thinking Challenge. Yes - it's tough - few complete it in one attempt, that's the Challenge, but when you do, your life will be transformed for ever. It is designed to unleash Your Inner Power. It’s a 90-Day Journey to a Positive Mindset, a 90-Day Challenge to Radiant Living, 90 Days to a New You.

PowerThon will help you Master the Art of Positive Thinking. It will Revitalise Your Life. It is a 90-Day Challenge to Boost Your Mind, Body and Soul, 90 Days to a Life of Abundance. This 90-Day Journey to Self-Discovery and Happiness, will take you from Negativity to Positivity. It’s a 90-Day Course for a Life of Joy - a Positive Thinking Revolution.

If you are ready to embark on a journey of transformation? Look no further – PowerThon is your ticket to a better you. For the unbeatable price of only £10, you're securing a deal that will never change – a promise of incredible value, forever. This is no ordinary offer; it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grab exceptional value for your money. Why? Because I'm committed to making PowerThon accessible and affordable for everyone. It's your golden chance to seize the reins of your destiny without breaking the bank.

What do you get? The full PowerThon course – 90 days of empowerment, insights, and growth – all for just £10. Say goodbye to hidden premium fees – this is the whole package, no strings attached. But wait, there's more! Your investment includes a complimentary Powerful Positive Thinking wristband, delivered straight to your doorstep after signing up. But that's not all! Unlock a treasure trove of extras – a bounty of free courses, captivating videos, empowering affirmations, inspiring posters, and much more

This is PowerThon - 90 Days to Transform Your Mindset, your Life and much more – and this is your invitation. Take the challenge, if you really want to be that better person – if you really want to eliminate negativity from every part of your being – but it is going to be tough. You will have to complete 90 consecutive days – one day at a time – and if you allow negative thoughts to takeover, you start the whole process, all over again.

PowerThon is all about turning people like you into winners – and winners keep going – they overcome all the odds until they succeed and PowerThon will show you how. From Day one we will give you a wristband and when those negative thoughts enter your mind, you give it a ping, and if you do, you start the challenge all over again, and again, and again, and again, if necessary, until you decide that negativity really has no place in your life from this point on.

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The first 30 days are the hardest. This is where we look at the kind of person you are and try to correct those negative habits and fears – every 24 hours – until you are match fit and ready to look after the big stuff – more money, better relationships and more.

This is the kind of stuff we look at in the first 30 Days:

  • Lacking confidence – PowerThon will show how to be that dynamic super person.
  • Suffering with fears and anxieties – PowerThon will show you how deal with these
  • Are you judgemental – we have a strategy for that.
  • Do you think you are failure – we will help you change those negative thoughts.

We start on the big stuff on Day 31. The next 30 Days are all about money, how you attract the stuff, how you keep it, how you can be successful. Having more money will change your life and will show you:

  • How to get into the right mindset to make money.
  • Tell you what prevents you from attracting it into your life.
  • Show you how negative thoughts stop your money dreams.

Get to Day 61 and we get back to you, the way you look, your body image, what you project to others. This is where between us, we help to polish the super positive person you are turning into. Over 30 Days we will talk about:

  • How to control your weight
  • What to do if you have problems with the way you look.
  • How to stop worrying about what others think of you

And there is much, much more.

PowerThon is about learning to be the incredible person you were always intended to be. Every day there is a new subject to talk about as part of the process of turning you into a super positive person.

We firstly tell you what you need to do and the changes you can make to improve your life. We then add a massive package of support with life changing affirmations, videos and blogs intended to inspire you.

On certain days you will be directed to take part in one of a range of life changing courses. You get all this, and more, with just one lifetime payment. That’s right, one payment and one payment only,

no subscriptions, no hidden extras, no requests to take Pro versions of anything – this is it – it is PowerThon and it does what it says on the tin.

I am Michael Younge and when you take the PowerThon Challenge, I can help you become a more confident person; I can help you attract everything you have ever wanted in life – wealth, good health, better relationships. I can help you to create success and change your life forever. I can help you lose weight and much more - it is the ultimate powerful positive thinking toolkit and it is ready to change your life.

And here is the best bit. You can access all of the courses, all of the tools on this website for a one-off lifetime price.

And there is more: As a PowerThon member you will have access to our world famous “wishing well”, you can send e-cards to friends, you will have access to hundreds of blogs, affirmations and e-books – all for your one-off life time subscription.

And here is the best bit, we will be adding to this website with new blogs and inspiration videos every single month – and you will never be asked to pay again.

This is what PowerThon can achieve for you. Whatever it is you want to do with the rest of your life, then we have the tools to help you make that difference, the power to turn you into a Super Positive person.

We can help become the Super Positive Person you have always wanted to be by helping you to overcome all of the issues that have held you back throughout your life. We can help you repair your self-confidence, your self-esteem and help put you on the right path towards positivity.

PowerThon is the gymnasium for the mind, where every single piece of equipment has been specifically designed to improve your mental strength and positivity. We have programmes in place to STRETCH your imagination; LIFT your spirits; PULL you back from negative thoughts and RUN with the idea that you can change your life simply by training your mind to enable you to become the person you always wanted to be.

You train your body every day – this where you train you mind. We call it PowerThon and it is awesome and you can be part of it right now.

Take you first step to being the person you have always wanted to be, by clicking the button to register.

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Life changing programmes

Train your mind and change your life forever

I want to change your life forever. I want to help you eliminate the negativity and the words and phrases that have always prevented you from being that super positive person – to make you a winner in the game of life.

Let me show you how you can attract all the good things you have ever wanted – wealth, good health and strong relationships. Everything is possible when you work in harmony with the Universe, everything is possible when you are ready for change and everything is possible when you take positive action.

In my series of interactive videos, I will show you how to conquer your fears and anxieties, how to improve your body image, end loneliness, attract abundance, lose weight and much, much more. I will show you how to be the person you have always wanted to be.

As a PowerThon member you have unlimited access to all of these programmes and any new ones that we add in the future. Just click on any video when you feel ready to take that first step towards that better life. 

Powerthon members can take all of the courses for a one off lifetime price of just £10

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Unique Video Affirmations

Check out our unique video affirmations, part of the PowerThon package – 25 seconds of positivity to help you to change your life. Affirmations like these have been shown to improve positive thinking and help attract what you need from the Universe, they are proven to make a real difference in your life

Each affirmation deals with a different aspect of life. Some cover the creation of wealth, others look at personal relationships. We deal with subject of gratitude and how you can become a better person. Daily positive thinking affirmations like these can be incorporated as part of your life style to help you thank the way that you think - to help turn you into a super positive person.

Once you have registered on this website you can download as many video affirmations as you wish so that every time you are looking fort a bit of positive thinking inspiration it will be there as a constant reminder to help you change your thoughts from the negative. Positive thinking people attract better things, have better relationships and are generally more successful which is why video affirmations like these work - so check out everything in this section to find something that works for you.

We will be constantly adding new videos to this section but if you have an affirmation that is special to you, then we can turn it into a short presentation. Write down your affirmation in no more than 55 words and send it to power@powerfulpositivethinking.org and we will send you a special copy and share it with other PowerThon Members – how good is that.

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Positive Thinking Posters for You

Seven good reasons to download motivational posters

When you choose to download a motivational poster, it is a permanent reminder to help you stay positive – it could literally change your life. Use them as wallpaper on your desktop as a daily reminder for positive change.

You can print your download in a whopping A2 size - that’s 42cms x 59.4cms if you want real impact

Each poster helps you to focus and get rid of negative thoughts and actions.

A poster like ours works as part of your positive thinking programme.

Positive thinking images like ours raise your awareness in positivity.

Your whole family and friends benefit when they see positive thinking posters like ours.

If you wish we can produce your favourite poster on a metal base in A4, A3 and A2 sizes. Please e-mail via our contact page to know more.

Thanks for reading and keep looking because we are adding new posters all of the time.

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The PPT Online Wishing Well

This is your personal online wishing well

This is your opportunity to tell the Universe exactly what you want, to attract the things you desire in life – money, love, peace of mind, a better job. This is the very essence of Powerful Positive Thinking, the rules and the actions you need to make the whole process work.

Some people might say that this is the digital equivalent of an old fashioned wishing well – and yes it is - because it means you can use positive thinking to work out what you need – and if you follow the rules – it will appear in your life.

Click on the link, write down the things that you desire, let go of the negatives that have been holding you back. Take as much time as you wish because this is your personal order to the Universe – and it’s listening.

This process is totally anonymous – this is strictly between you and the Universe. When you have completed your personal order then you must hit the destruct button and never dwell on this request ever again.

Why? Because the Universe does not need to be told twice and if you keep dwelling on your request then all you will be doing is focussing on the fact that it has not been delivered – and the more you focus - the less chance you have of ever receiving it. Concentrate instead on the common-sense actions you wrote down to make your dream come true.

If you have completed your personal order – maybe read it over one last time – now press the destruct button and when you do the Universe will receive your order. Have faith and belief that it will be delivered and it will.

You can visit the Wishing Well as often as you want to make a new order and if you are not sure how it all works then please read some of our blogs for a little guidance and welcome to your new world of powerful positive thinking.

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Write down your order to the Universe

Use this form and follow the simple instructions to send your order to the Universe. When you write down what you need you mind is more focused and it eliminates and confusion.

At the same time, you can ensure that you eliminate negatives that have been holding you back and substitute common sense and action.

Be sure to destroy your order as dramatically as you wish once you have completed the written process. Be sure the Universe has received your thoughts, but please note if you really want your order to succeed then have faith that things are happening and stop dwelling on it. Let the Universe do its work.

The Universe is like a giant computer so if you are asking for help you need to get it right. At PPT we have devised our own form to allow you get your thoughts on paper and go through the necessary steps to ensure that your message gets through.

Download your copy and tell the Universe what you most desire.

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Send Your eCards

We are giving you the power to send positive greetings and best wishes to friends, family and all the other important people in your life. These are the first of a unique range of animated electronic cards designed to remind those you love the most that th

When you send one of these cards you are giving a special message that positive thinking can help you fight ill health, help you pass a driving test, help you to win and much, much more.

Choose the card that is right for you, add your own personal greeting and it is ready for sending.

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