Powerful Positive Thinking

Are you ready to change your life forever?

These Powerful Positive Thinking Programmes have the power to change your life and are available exclusively to PowerThon members. They are designed to challenge the way you think and have been developed to help you confront your fears and anxieties and eliminate them from your life forever.

Complete these programmes and we show you how to attract the good stuff – more money, better relationships, peace of mind, happiness and the things that have always alluded you. They are designed to help you make the changes that you need to create a better life

It is why we are proud to offer this growing range of interactive videos for adults and children who are willing and prepared to challenge all aspects of their negativity. If you like them then please register as a PowerThon member to access all the other courses and much more.

Our courses are interactive, which means we will be asking you to pause at certain times to consider what you have heard and to provide your own personal feedback. Depending on how long you pause then each programme will last for between 15 to 25 minutes.

And here is the good news. As a PowerThon Member you can access these programmes anytime you wish and we will be adding additional modules on a regular basis to ensure that you will have a growing volume of positivity – whenever you need it.

Programme One – How to eliminate negativity from your life

Welcome to Programme One. This is a general introduction to Positive Thinking, but you cannot progress any further without it. In this module we look at all the negativity in your life and show you ways it can be eliminated.

If you are carrying around negative thoughts compounded by anger and bitterness than it will be impossible to embrace positive thinking and all the benefits it offers. Your journey to create the new you starts here. This is where we show you how to eliminate negativity from your life.

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Programme two – How to stop using negative words

Welcome to Programme two. Are you aware of the negative words and phrases that you use on a daily basis? When you say you are not worthy or state that you cannot do something, you have effectively given up.

Negative words and phrases are equally as bad as negative thoughts and you need to eliminate them from your life and change them for positive ones. Until you do this it is almost impossible to attract all the good stuff. This is where we show you how you can make it happen.

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Programme three – How to conquer your fears and anxieties

Welcome to Programme three. It is your fears and anxieties that will always hold you back. They have developed over the years and in extreme cases you can pass them on to your children. In this module we show you how you can overcome your fears and lead a happier life.

We look at how fears can prevent you from developing new relationships, how they hold you back in your career and why you can never fully embrace positivity until they are eliminated from your life. This is where we show how to conquer those fears.

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Primary video course 1

We talk about what is like to be a “Super Person.” They do not get angry; they are not mean to others and they learn how being more positive and motivated can make them feel better about themselves.

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Primary video course 2

We talk about how thoughts can affect your moods and also discusses in detail the types of phrases children use when they are negative and how these can be replaced with positive alternatives.

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Primary video course 3

We talk about fears and how they can hold you back. We discuss practical ways in which “Super Positive People” can overcome irrational fears and move on with their lives and be happier.

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