Powerful Positive Thinking

90 days to change your life

Get ready to take the ultimate positive thinking challenge

This is it – the ultimate Positive Thinking Challenge - 90 days or three separate Challenges in one – the Positive Thinking equivalent of a marathon and if you are really serious about changing your life, if you are really determined to be a better person – then this is for you. The first 30 Days are the hardest. You must keep down all negative thoughts. If you begin to think negatively then ping your wristband - as a PowerThon member we will send you one of ours. Every time you ping you must start the course again until you can complete 30 days with no negativity. Then you will be ready to start the next course as you progress to being a super positive person.

Make a difference in the first 30 days

It is the first 30 days that make the real difference and determines whether you’re ready for what follows. Your initial goal is to go at least 30 consecutive days without any kind of negativity. During this time you need to be be wearing a wristband as a reminder to stay positive. If you become angry, bitter or negative at any time during that period you must give that wristband a flick – AND YOU MUST START THE CHALLENGE ALL OVER AGAIN.

(Please note: You will need a wristband to take part. When you sign up as a Powerthon member we will send you one for FREE to help you complete this special course.)

You cannot complete the first part of the challenge until you have gone the full 30 days without ever having to give that band a flick. Yes it’s tough – that’s the idea and to help you complete the course, there are 30 days of inspirational messages. To get the best from the course please access one page at a time over the 30 days to help reinforce those positive messages.

Complete the 30 days and you will be ready to take part in the second part of the Challenge which is open only to PowerThon members. This is where we will help you attract wealth and abundance into your life.

If you are ready to begin then click here to start Day 1

Are you ready for the second challenge?

The next stage of the Challenge is only open to PowerThon Member and will set you on a path to wealth and abundance. Only you will know if you are ready to begin and once again you must go 30 days without negativity. If you feel you can complete the next steps to prosperity then click the button to log on to your members page or register to sign up.

Are you ready to look and feel good?

On Day 61 we look to change the way you feel about yourself, your body image, potential weight loss. We will remind you that you are a unique and special-person and only when you think that way can you finally change your life for ever. Once again, if you are ready, then log in to your PowerThon Page or register now for membership.

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