Powerful Positive Thinking

Money, I can afford it

I want to talk about the most negative phrase ever devised to stop you creating the wealth you deserve. It’s called – I can’t afford it.

There is something about the phrase – I can’t afford it – which uniquely sums up the negative feelings and responses that most people have about money. Every time you say and think it, you are sending out a message to the universe that you are short of cash and the chances are – that situation is not about to change any time soon.

If you are looking at a showroom at a new sports car, or checking out a penthouse flat in a major city, the likely reality is that you definitely can’t afford it, but that doesn’t mean that things won’t change - and when they do, you might well be able to buy those items at some time in the future – should you so choose.

Simply by saying and thinking I cannot afford it is about as final as it gets. There are no grey areas, no wriggle room or confusion – you have declared to the universe that you simply have not got the where with all to purchase that item - not now, not never.

So what are you going to do about it? If you are watching this video I suspect you would like a little more money in your life, but before we talk about changing your thoughts let’s concentrate on that damaging phrase and see if we can eliminate it for ever.

Every time you say or think – I can’t afford it – then look for a substitute. Try these for size, choose one that you feel comfortable with, or make up one that works for you, but vow never to use that damaging, negative phrase ever again.

Here are some alternatives – I choose not to purchase that item right now; this item is great but I prefer to spend my money on something else; I like this item and may buy it at some time in the future; I like this item but have different priorities at the moment.

By changing the way you talk and think you are not focussing on your lack of money but simply telling the universe that you have chosen not to spend any of your cash at this particular time.Once you have done this then you are ready to embrace Powerful Positive Thinking.

Start by ordering your financial future by writing it down. Take time to do this as you need to be very precise about the kind of monetary security you aspire to right now. PPT requires common sense and action so if you are really poor then the chances are you will not go from zero to millions overnight – your sub conscious will never let you believe it.

So as you write your future specification keep it realistic, baby steps if you like, because once you have attracted the first few pounds or dollars you can go to work on the bigger
stuff – that’s the common sense bit. Once you are happy with the order – destroy it. The universe has got the message and for it to succeed you now need to forget about it – if you keep thinking about that order you will be telling the universe that it has still to arrive – and it never will.

Taking action, the last part of PPT will help you to focus more positively on your future financial security. Find that new or extra job, look at ways that your skills can earn you more cash – you get the idea – and then wait for the universe to weave its Magic.

It will also help if you keep those thoughts positive by avoiding phrases such as - I can’t afford it. Yes you can and yes you will and yes it is going to happen for you – so begin that journey now.

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