Powerful Positive Thinking

Action and positive thinking

Have you ever thought what positive action could do to improve your life? Have you discovered the real thrill of cracking a difficult challenge, achieving success against the odds, confounding the experts? If you are nodding your head in agreement right now then welcome to the real world of powerful positive thinking.

It is the secret ingredient to making life work in the way that you want. Positive thinking reinforced with action is an irresistible combination. It can make things happen in a way that thought alone cannot achieve.

Most people think they understand everything there is to know about positive thinking. They believe it’s all about having the right thoughts, focussing on some objectives, maybe using a few affirmations and when all that is in place – the Universe will deliver everything you desire.

Sadly, it doesn’t quite work out quite like that as the millions who practice positive thinking have discovered. Just thinking about what you want is the lazy way to success, happiness, abundance, weight loss, or whatever goal you are hoping to achieve, which means that it is bound to fail.

Like everything else in life, the Universe needs a bit of help from time to time and action is the catalyst. We have all heard the phrase that God will help those that help themselves and this is exactly what positive thinking and action are all about.

Of course, you must never forget that everything that has ever existed started with a single thought. Each visualisation turned into something tangible because it was followed up by action, someone had a plan on how to deliver it and put all the processes into place to make it happen.

While all this was occurring, they were using positive thinking to visualise success. They could see in their mind the project coming into fruition, they could see the happiness it would bring as others discovered what they had produced.

So, what’s stopping you from taking action to improve your life? If you are depressed, if life is not all it should be right now then you will hardly feel motivated. These kinds of
things have a habit of sucking the life out of people making it difficult for them to do anything.

When you are in this state of mind it is impossible for positive thinking to work for you. It is easier to sit back in the armchair and dwell on your misfortune and you would be right, because the cavalry is not going to be coming over the hill any time soon to rescue you.

I think it is important that I make the distinction between genuine medical depression as opposed to being fed up for long periods. One is a condition that needs professional help, the other requires a personal decision that things have got to change.

That means taking charge of every aspect of your being because powerful positive thinking has to be a lifestyle choice. If you feel you are living in a dump, decide to tidy it up, paint the walls, turn your environment into the best place that you can with the resources you have. Just the action of doing this will totally alter your mind set – the positivity
meter will start to rise.

How are you looking personally? If you have let things go then make an effort to be the best of yourself. Buy some new clothes, get them from a charity shop if money is tight. Decide that you are going to look the best you can and just see how much better you will feel. This is you taking action and we have still got to get to the best bit, but not for a paragraph or two.

If you are out of work, don’t sit there in defeat. Make a strategy, a plan of action, decide how you are going to take things forward. Losing your job might not be the disaster you think, it could be a major opportunity for you to move on to something even bigger and better – it is for you to decide because you can only be beaten inside your head and that is where you have control and the ability to make change.

Until you are in the right frame of mind then positive thinking will never work in the way that you want. You have to take action first to correct the things that are acting as a barrier to success. When you are looking and feeling good, when you make the decision to look the world in the eye, to be more confident, to like the way you look – then you are ready to benefit from everything that positive thinking has to offer.

Then and only then can you begin to visualise what you desire. You will be doing it from a position of power and your thoughts will carry more weight from the Universe because it will recognise the new you.

By all means use affirmations, mood boards or anything else that helps, but remember the real ingredient is action and when you accept that, then you will know how to bring your dreams into reality.

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