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Superstar Adele and positive thinking

Global superstar Adele has been telling fans about her anxiety attacks, how it has changed her life, how it has led to weight loss following a difficult divorce and more recently we have heard that she suffers from crippling stage fright.

I have no idea how true this is – the media as we know have never let the facts stand in the way of a good story, but it is certainly an issue which has raised a lot of interest amongst many of my regular readers and followers.

You have been e-mailing to ask why someone as successful as Adele, with the world at her feet and with riches beyond the reach of most people should suffer in this way – after all, this is the woman who seems to have everything?

Let’s forget for a moment that she is one of the most famous people in the world and see her for the person she really is – someone who is just like the rest of us. I have never met or spoken to Adele but I have read that she has had a sensible working-class upbringing, has her feet firmly on the ground and would probably benefit from some good old fashioned positive thinking and advice.

I am only guessing, but that could be what’s missing. I would imagine that someone with her wealth and influence has access to some of the highest paid therapists in the world and that is probably the kind of advice she is receiving - but changing the way you think, altering the way you respond to different challenges has to be a personal thing – a bit like giving up smoking or losing weight – it all comes down to you in the end.

If you consider her success in purely material terms then she clearly has more than most, but it is also obvious that she is human like the rest of us, suffers from the same issues, has the same self-doubts, the same demons – only for her I suspect, it is a lot worse.

Highly successful people like Adele are forever questioning themselves, always looking to deliver that next major achievement, always wondering if they will ever reach that same high level of adulation and forever concerned that success could simply vanish overnight. Her stardom magnifies all of these issues, but the solutions are the same.

Whether you are a Global Superstar or just an ordinary person you don’t have to spend fortunes to retrain the way you think. It starts with giving yourself a good talking to in a way that forces you to examine and look at problems in more detail. When you do this, you often find that all the things that are worrying you, are really very trivial – you have simply magnified them until they became problems and now it is time to knock them down to size.

Try this little exercise when your anxieties are running away in all directions. Ask yourself what is the worse possible outcome if your fears come to pass. Once you have identified the worse case scenario then ask yourself another question – don’t forget to speak loudly to yourself as it reinforces the conversation.

And here comes that second and most important question. Ask yourself if your innermost fears are likely to happen? If that possibility is entirely remote then remember to thank yourself for putting this particular problem into perspective and vow that you will not allow it to harm you again or make you anxious in anyway.

Of course, it is possible that your problem is very real. If that is the case then you have drawn it into the open and your next task is to come up with a solution. You have taken the first step by confronting the issue, you recognise it for what it is and you are ready to solve it.

If you feel unable to tackle the problem on your own then get advice. It is no longer something to be anxious about because now it is real and as I have already mentioned, it is down to you to start making a difference.

By giving yourself a good talking to, it is possible to confront most of your anxieties. It is the basis of positive thinking, but before I finish this article, I should point out the difference between real problems and natural anxiety.

Real problems are simply that and need action, but we all get natural anxiety from time to time. It’s what spurs us on the achieve great things and solve problems. As I have already said, I do not know how Adele has been dealing with her issues but I hope this article will help you deal with yours – so what’s stopping you – give yourself a good talking to right now.

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