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Fate, free will vs determination by positive thinking

Do you believe in fate? Are you one of those people who feel that everything in life is meant to be? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone – there are millions of like-minded individuals across the world who feel just the same, but sadly – there is a downside. 

What are differences between Fate vs Free Will or the similarities between Free Will and Determinism.

It is an inconvenient truth, but when you blindly accept that you are powerless to change what life throws in your direction then you create a powerful belief that prevents you from reaching your true potential – you have effectively given up.

Let me explain what that means in reality. From the moment you were born you were given the gift of free will, the opportunity to dictate the direction of your life, to make your own decisions and create positive change where needed.

However, once you decided that “what will be, will be” then you allowed your free will to take back stage. Someone or something else is now in charge of your life and from this point on you are like a ship without a rudder.

Left to its own devices your ship might take you to a luxury holiday destination or leave you stranded in the middle of the ocean – that’s the trouble when you leave everything to chance – but it doesn’t have to be like that and I want to show you how you can combine your belief in fate and still exercise free will to attract the things you really want in life.

But before we can move on, we need to understand what fate really means. Like most things in life, it is all down to personal belief. I actually do believe in fate, but not the kind where you have little or no control in terms of where you want your life to go.

We discussed fate vs free will vs determinism.

My understanding of fate is that we all have a life purpose, one that we chose when we came on this planet to learn and evolve. There is an increasing body of scientific evidence to suggest that this is true, but that does not mean that everything is written in tablets of stone.

While your fate has generally decided your direction in life, you still have free will, which gives you the opportunity to explore the odd detour or two. It gives you the chance to attract the things you want in life such as happiness, wealth and good health.

You must also remember that you were never meant to suffer, be in constant pain emotionally or physically. This is not what fate is about which is why you were given the gift of free will to visualise and manifest the things you really want in life.

What will be, will be if you leave it to chance and there is no guarantee that you will like the outcome. If you have been diagnosed with a serious illness you look for the best medical treatment; if you need specialist advice then you look for the right expert – you do not leave it to chance.

So why then do you decide to sit back and let fate decide what’s good for you? It could be because you feel that you are all out of options, that life has treated you so badly that you no longer have any idea of what to do for the best.

Perhaps you are suffering a bad divorce, you have been affected by bereavement or experienced a life changing process and you no longer feel up to the fight. This is going to happen to all of us at some stage in our lives and this is what free will is really all about. When bad things happen the only choice, you really have is how you respond to those

If you truly believe in fate then this is why you are in the situation you are facing right now, so why should it be any kinder to you in the future. Only you can take your life forward. Regular readers will know that this is a positive thinking website – something I have yet to mention in this article – but now is the time.

This is when free will and positive thinking offer a real solution. This is when you have to decide where your life goes from this point onwards. Fate will always be there in the background pushing you towards your chosen path, but it is down to you decide whether to take the rocky road or the
main road, the easy route or the hard route.

Fate really has nothing to do with it.

Michael Younge

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