Powerful Positive Thinking

If it is meant to be

We have all heard and used the phrase: “If it is meant to be, it will be, is this my destiny, is it karma?” It’s a catch all sentence or phrase we we all use when we are uncertain about an outcome and we use it as a way of reassuring ourselves or those we care about, that everything will be alright.

As we speak these words - karma, destiny, if it is meant to be - we have no idea what will happen, but hope that the universe will deliver and everyone will be happy with the result. It’s a good start because without realising it you have achieved and delivered a key part of powerful positive thinking, but on its own, it is not enough.

To explain further, you have thought about what you want, delivered the message, consciously or unconsciously and then let it go on the assumption that the universe will do the rest. However, there is a slight catch, because if you really want it to be, then you have to do a little more by totally forgetting about it – and that can be hard to do.

You have used the “if it’s meant to be, karma or destiny” phrase because the thing you want to happen is very important to you or someone you love, so your mind will invariably keep going back to it. As you do, you will keep reminding the universe that you don’t have it and as it is the focus of your attention it will perversely assume that this what you really want.

And when that thing fails or does not happen, you will console yourself with the fact that it was never meant to be and look out for signs that something better will come along to reassure you that the big disappointment was definitely a good thing.

Some things of course are never meant to be and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that there is a higher force which frequently sends us in a different direction for our own good. In such cases most of us have an instinct or 6th sense that something is not quite right and we make our fears known, once again consciously or unconsciously - and believe it or not we are influencing the universe and this is yet another example of powerful positive thinking in action.

But let’s assume that if you have used the “if it is meant to be” phrase for something that you really want for yourself or a loved one and your instinct is ticking all the right boxes then there is nothing wrong with a bit of positive thinking to help things along.

I have already explained that once you are certain about what you want you must forget about it and to help you to do this you must introduce a bit of common sense action. Start concentrating on what it is you need to do to move things along.

That action of course depends on the object or thing that you desire. If it’s a new job then make sure you know everything about the company that may employ you and what is demanded of the role. If you are trying to buy a house make sure you have looked at all the financial options. If you are trying to have children then ensure you know what help is out there.

Everyone’s dream is different so it is impossible for me to come up with a different example for every situation, but you get the idea. You have your dream, it is now at the back of the mind and you have to be ready to give the universe some extra help to make sure it is delivered.

Some people reinforce that action by looking for signs such as feathers, odd words that appear on the side of vehicles etc as you think about the thing or things you want to enter your life and there is nothing wrong with this if it gives you a good feeling and makes you more positive that everything you want will happen.

Finally, I hope you have used plenty of common sense because if you know deep down that it will be almost impossible to achieve what you want then powerful positive thinking will not work for you. If the object of your desire is a country mansion and all you can afford is a small semi then it is a big ask of the universe – but do not be disappointed because you have made another step towards the mansion and next time it will be a little closer.

Because if it is meant to be – then it will be - and that is real karma and destiny in action.

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