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Stay positive when you are in real pain

I do not usually tend to write about me. As an author and positive thinking advocate, YOU are far more important and should always be the subject or focus of any blog or article, but today I am going to make an exception and I hope you will not mind because I feel inspired to tell this particular story.

It is about my family and dozens of ordinary people, friends and neighbours, medical professionals and acquaintances who were there when I needed them and demonstrated in the most practical of ways what love, real positive thinking and actions are all about.

Such people would almost certainly be there for you as well, but it is so easy to forget when you are weighed down by the troubles of the world, just how much support is out there. It does exist by the bucket load so never think you are entirely alone as I have been reminded in the last few days and why I will always choose to be positive even when life gets a little difficult.

Earlier this week I had a nasty fall, broke my arm and cracked a few ribs. The paramedics which arrived in just minutes then spent the next hour working out how to carry me from my home into the back of the ambulance to cause the least amount of pain.

As I fell backwards I remember thinking “this is going to hurt” and I was not disappointed. It was absolute agony as my arm hit the edge of a plant pot followed by a resounding crack to confirm that I had indeed broken my humerus, the not so funny name for the bone between your shoulder and elbow.

I was obviously making a bit of a fuss and within seconds I was surrounded by neighbours and friends who seemed to arrive from nowhere. Their concern was nothing short of amazing. They made me as comfortable as possible as I could not be moved - my left arm had apparently taken on a life of its own.

Yes, I was very much in pain but these people had stopped what they were doing to concentrate on me at that particular moment demonstrating the love and kindness that most humans radiate and allow to come to the surface at time of need.

When the paramedics finally got me on to a stretcher they took the slowest and easiest route to the hospital, trying to avoid bumps and potholes because every little movement was agony even with the morphine that was by now beginning to take effect.

On my arrival a whole NHS team of the most caring people I have ever met took over to relieve the pain, take tests, plaster me up, x-ray the damage and ensure that I could be on my way to recovery. The following day was just the same as these medical professionals bandaged and strapped me up for two months of recuperation.

As I write this blog very slowly using my one good hand I feel humbled by what I have seen and the messages of support I have since received. I have not felt at any one time that life has socked me a Lemon – quite the reverse.
I have seen human beings at their best practicing powerful positive thinking as they get on with their lives and jobs. It would have been easy to ask why this has happened to me; it would have been easy to bemoan my luck and while this fall is very inconvenient it is not the end of the world and I probably need the enforced rest anyway.

Such things have almost certainly happened in your lives and when they do you will be faced with the same choices as me. You can moan at the universe and tell everyone how unlucky you are or just be grateful that you have seen human nature at its best – and as soon as you are healed you will get on with your life in a positive way.
I intend to stay positive - what about you.

Human nature is looked at in more detail in our closed PowerThon area

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